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Viewsonic VT2300LED

Viewsonic VT2300LED Specs
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Viewsonic VT2300LED Specs

  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Edge lit LED backlight, SRS HD Audio with SPDIF output
  • Display Technology: LED-lit
  • Display Size: 23.0 inches
  • Integrated digital ATSC (HDTV) and NTSC TV Tuners
  • Model: VT2300LED
  • ATSC/QAM TV tuner, 3 HDMI ports, VGA and component video
  • 23" 1920x1080 native resolution
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Speaker Count: 2
  • Brand Name: ViewSonic
  • Closed Caption Support and Parental Control with sleep timer

Viewsonic VT2300LED

From the Manufacturer

Full HD 1080p on this 23 inch Television ViewSonic’s 23" VT2300LED HDTV immerses you in the action with Full HD 1080p resolution delivering 100% of your HD signal for incredibly precise images. LED technology gives you sharper images – blacker blacks and brighter whites. Revel in the unparalleled definition and detail delivered by 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and the high brightness panel. Super-fast video response and advanced image processing ensure extreme clarity in all your HD entertainment.

Viewsonic VT2300LED LCD LED HDTV Enjoy Full HD 1080p picture quality

Viewsonic VT2300LED Customers Reviews

Viewsonic VT2300LED HDTV Reviews

Viewsonic VT2300LED HDTV ReviewsI purchased this television as a computer monitor. I wanted Viewsonic VT2300LED because of the LCD backlight, built in speakers, and large screen, for a computer monitor. When I purchased Viewsonic VT2300LED my computer had not yet been built so I hooked it up to my cable box and WOW what a great picture! Granted I was coming from an old CRT television but hey this thing was very impressive! It is very customizable and can be set on preset settings as well. It worked great to replace a 1981 circa Magnavox in my bedroom. I used it for a couple of weeks as a television and when my computer came in I switched it to a computer monitor. I had purchased an HDMI cable from AMAZON before my computer arrived. Plugged in the HDMI cable and the power and keyboard and wal-la the picture came on with the sound! No need to configure the system to set up, it just works! Right out of the box. Being an informed consumer I had read that you need to calibrate the screen. Well when the monitor first came on I understood why. Things seemed a little blurry. I set the Veiwsonic to Computer and it helped but this was not yet the solution. I then found in Windows 7 the clear type set up under the control panel and displays. Once you configure to clear type this thing looks great! It is like reading on a piece of paper! Screens and videos look great! I am running Windows 7 64-bit professional. The high resolution high definition screen is very impressive! For me the price was right because I have a computer monitor that can be a television if I want as well. It has three HDMI connections so I can connect another computer, maybe a Mac Mini in the future, and later maybe an X-box 360! You can easily switch with the touch sensitive controls or use the remote. The colors and contrast are really incredible. This television/monitor is a great deal for the money! I caught mine at a good time to purchase because I got it for about twenty-five dollars under three-hundred dollars! If you read these reviews often you will know why I wrote it like that. It runs cool, comes on after a 5 second Viewsonic warm up screen, switches between sources easily, looks great and works like it is supposed to! In short I like this monitor a lot!

To me it rivals the Apple LED Cinema Display. Notice I said rivals not as good as or surpasses! This television is great! It works as a monitor wonderfully! Part of the reason I purchased it is due to the fact that I wanted built in speakers and an HDMI connection. I did not want to have a video cable, power cord, speakers, speaker wire, and another power cord for the speakers forming a web on my desk. This set up is clean and simple. HDMI cable to the back of the computer to the monitor, then everything works. One power cord for the monitor and one for the computer. Simple! I compared it to the Apple Cinema Display because I was thinking of using one of these to connect to my PC. Unfortunately you would need to by the Apple Mini Display video connector to HDMI conversion plug and pray that it would work. I could never get assurances that you could get PC drivers for the camera and I did not find anyone that said that it worked when they connected to a PC. Oh and also to buy the Apple you would need to cough up three times the money! I know the Apple display is IPS has a glass screen (the Viewsonic has the plasticky laptop screen) and a built in video camera. Still this does not make it worth nearly a thousand dollars! I do wish that Viewsonic would place a glass screen on this television; it would move it up in class, and admittedly in cost. I wish they would install a camera on the top of the screen, a good one, like the new ones from Logitech! Then they would have a true Apple competitor! When I looked around for a large screen, LED backlight, High definition monitor, with multiple HDMI connections, and built in speakers the Viewsonic television is the only one I could find this affordably. This is the only monitor, or television, that came close to the Apple Display, and after purchasing it and using it as both a television and a monitor, I feel that it has lived up to its printed specifications and my expectations! Buy one I think you will agree!

One more thing; I purchased this through Amazon along with another item through J&R Audio. I had to return the other item after purchasing it. I could not have had a better experience from the folks at J&R Music. They were kind, helpful, and did everything they said that they would do and even faster than they said they would do it. It is rare these days to find a company that under promises and over delivers and I feel these folks did. I am always leery of ordering from a reseller and these folks gave me confidence!

Viewsonic VT2300LED Reviews

Viewsonic VT2300LED ReviewsSo someone here said this works well as a TV and not as a Monitor. I'd like to disagree; maybe they had an outdated video card.

I have a Dell Vostro 1310 laptop (3years old) and I bought this as an external display to convert the laptop into a Desktop. Picture quality is awesome, I get full 1920x1080 resolution display just using a plain old VGA cable. Great sharpness of image, absolutely no picture flaws that I can see (and I'm not a person who has low standards).

I haven't tested the sound on VT2300LED, but I wouldn't expect much since the speakers are on the back and look small. But the TV has a headphone jack and so one could buy their own set of speakers and plug VT2300LED into the TV.

I haven't used this as a TV yet. (just got the product 5 days ago, and I need to get an antennae). But I guess there's ample reviews here saying it works great as a TV. Just wanted to write this review since someone gave a rather convincing sounding review that the product is no good as a Monitor, and that had gotten me worried but I decided to take a gamble and am happy that I did; Therefore I wanted to let others in a similar situation know that I bought this primarily to use as a monitor, and it works amazingly great as a monitor, in spite of whatever written here stating otherwise.

/matt (2011 August 5th)

===== Update August 7th, 2011 ======

Again I shouldn't have believed all those people here who're the kind that buy a toyota pick up truck to haul a 52 foot trailer. For the size of the TV, the speakers are great - provides good sound in my bedroom even when the sound it left at a fourth of as high as it can get. I should have tested the speakers before believing the reviews and ordering an external speaker set -- now I have to sell that off when it comes. But yes, contrary to what anyone else says, the sound is great.

Got a cheap antenna and tested the TV functionality out. HD channels look awesome on this TV. The older format channels look fine but not great; I guess it would be the case on any fullHD TV though - you're comparing that against the HD quality for one, and they don't have the resolution for your TV for the other.

On other fronts, the TV stand that comes with it doesn't allow rotation on the vertical axes, but allows rotation on the horizontal axes - which is fine since you could just reposition the whole thing if you wanted to rotate on the vertical axes. I was really worried since I need a TV that can be tilted up/forward and down/backward since i need it primarily as a monitor - so happy on that front too. Assembly and use was a cakewalk, really happy about how user-friendly this is. I also liked the options on the remote.

It also has a cool feature that if VT2300LED on computer input, and if I turn off the computer, the TV would turn off after 10 seconds. While this is expected, the cool thing is that, when I next turn on the computer, I don't have to turn on the TV again, it will sense the computer input becoming active and turn itself on. So basically great for a power-conscious but lazy person.

VT2300LED Reviews

VT2300LED ReviewsThis Viewsonic LED TV/Monitor does a great job as a computer monitor and is super sleek looking. The base is nice and solid, I think Viewsonic VT2300LED is aluminum. The screen is super sharp even when not at the native resolution. Viewsonic VT2300LED adjusts to the computer resolution automatically. This is a very efficient TV/Monitor. I tested it with a kill-a-watt tester and it uses only 33 watts. Strangely it stays at 33 watts no matter how low I set the brightness. So you can adjust it to anything you like and the watts stay the same at 33.
It is also pretty good as a TV. I like how setting the screen to full will give you a full screen regardless of the channel. I also like how it changes channels pretty fast. I would say it is a better computer monitor than a TV, but it is a good TV also. The sound is ok for me. It is a good enough sound for a small TV. Obviously if it were a big screen TV the expectations of sound would be greater, but for the size I am ok with it. Unlike some reviewers, the sound levels are very flexible. On level 1, I cannot even hear it. Actually, at night a low level at 5-8 would be low enough not to bother anyone. It gets loud too if you crank it, just not very much bass, even though I turned the bass all the way up on the settings.
For a small TV/Computer Monitor, I think this cannot currently be beat.
* Just a few things I forgot to mention= When changing the channel, the numbers showing the channel are so tiny, you literally have to get up and get within a few feet of the TV to see them. I don't think it would have been very hard to make these numbers bigger.
Also, because this TV is 60Mhz, there is some motion blur, but I figured it would have some and yet I still bought it because it is so efficient and sleek lookin.


VT2300LED HDTVThis TV is extremely easy to set up Only takes one piece to attach to bottom, and batteries in the remote. Once VT2300LED was done auto tuning to my cable box, I was up and running! The sound is good, but wish VT2300LED was a little louder. Overall for the price, I am extremely happy with this purchase. Also its not hooked up to my HD Cable box, just a digital box through comcast but the picture is still awesome.

Viewsonic VT2300LED HDTV

Displays my ps3 in 1080p perfectly, and the hd channels look amazing. sound wasn't that great, but a good pair of relatively cheap speakers and sub combo (30 bucks) fixed Viewsonic VT2300LED right up

Viewsonic VT2300LED LCD LED HDTV Reviews

Purchased this item to replace one of the "old school", clunker tv's I still had in my house. VT2300LED was the best price online, and the picture is very nice. Shipping was also very fast from the vendor. The only thing we did not like was that VT2300LED was not packed inside a box for protection and privacy -- it arrived in its original brand box and left on my doorstep by UPS! We were just glad our UPS guy hid it from view; otherwise, anyone could have just walked by, seen it, and taken it home and we would have not been the wiser.

Viewsonic VT2300LED HDTV Reviews

just got my tv and all i can say is WOW. viewsonic made on heck of a led lcd tv well worth the money

Viewsonic VT2300LED Reviews

I received this monitor/TV as a christmas present from my husband. Viewsonic VT2300LED is on a mantle over a fireplace in a sitting room/study off our bedroom. This monitor/TV has lots of options for multiple uses. We have Viewsonic VT2300LED connected to our satellite system, a network access DVD player, the grandkids game system, a USB mini-drive loaded with pictures, and my PC. It was easy to connect all these devices and the picture quality is excellent in all modes. Lots of options at this price level.

VT2300LED Reviews

Bought the Viewsonic 23" for use in my travel trailer mostly because VT2300LED was a 1080 with an anti-glare screen and the very low power draw of less than 30 watts. I have been extremely impressed with the picture quality and the sound is OK (considering the small size of the speakers) as long as the SRS Trusurround feature is NOT used (this makes VT2300LED sound very tinny). The clarity of the picture is very good and the resolution is extremely good. There are many video inputs available to be able to connect nearly any type of device that you might wish to use. The remote operates as expected and the buttons are fairly well laid out. Considering the low price through Amazon of less than $250 shipped, this TV is an exceptional value for a LED LCD that is 1080p capable. I would highly reccommed this to anyone that will use in a medium to smaller sized room, and might end up using a set of computer speakers to make the sound a better quality.


This is such a step up from my previous Dell 17" monitor. I use Viewsonic VT2300LED for PC and the PS3. The response time is 5ms, better than my 8ms HDTV I had for the PS3. I can tell Viewsonic VT2300LED is a little faster. I can't wait to play Crysis and FEAR on it. I bought this over a typical PC monitor because I needed the extra inputs. The only problem is that the speakers are tinny, but that's what why you can attach a set of PC speakers.

Overall: 5 out of 5!

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