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Toshiba 40FT1U

Toshiba 40FT1U Specs
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Toshiba 40FT1U Specs

  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • Photo Frame Capable,PC Input
  • 1080P Resolution
  • Gaming Mode

Toshiba 40FT1U

  • 1080p Full HD CineSpeed® Display
  • DynaLight Dynamic Backlight Control for Deep Black Levels
  • Photo Frame Capability and MP3 Playback via USB
  • Gaming Mode for Fast Game Controller Response
  • 3 HDMI® Digital Inputs
  • High-Res PC Input (S-XGA, 15 Pin, D-sub)
  • ATSC/QAM Digital Tuner for Over-the-Air and Cable-in-the-Clear Digital Tuning
  • Enjoy a stunning picture bursting with color and clarity with 1080p Full HD. With twice the pixel resolution of 720p HD models, Full HD is the pinnacle in picture resolution.

    Toshiba 40FT1U Customers Reviews

    Toshiba 40FT1U HDTV Reviews

    I have just set my TV up, I bought mine on Amazon at $399. I think Toshiba 40FT1U looks great. Time will tell as far as quality but I have no regrets. This is a TV for my bedroom and I will only be hooking up a Blu-Ray player. So this was all I needed.
    I was worried about sound but seems to be fine.
    I will update after having Toshiba 40FT1U for a while.

    Toshiba 40FT1U Reviews

    This TV is a great value for its size, clarity, and sound. I was able to get this TV for 400. 40FT1U did not dissapoint. I was worried about the sound quality, but 40FT1U has the same speakers as higher models. The picture quality is very good. I do not have a blu ray player, so I dont kow how it holds up to that level, but I have my xbox and HD comcast box, and it all looks very good. Cannot tell the difference between this and other brand T.V.'s.

    40FT1U Reviews

    I have to agree with the previous reviewer that this appears to be a great deal but not much written on this model. Bestbuy had ten of these in stock for $399, and within two hours all were gone. I am not a great fan of Toshiba but I would think they are in the top five to six brands. I have only had the TV for a few days and so far I like everything about Toshiba 40FT1U. The stand was easy to put on, the remote and setup was really easy, and the picture is as good as any I have seen lately. I will let Toshiba 40FT1U run continuously for two to three days for my own 'burn in' test. I figure if it is going to go bad it probably will within the first 72 hours or so. Also I will have to January to return it and make sure it is working correctly. Normally on a more expensive TV I will purchase the extended warrenty for an additional $100, but on this cheap of a set it doesn't make sense to me. Hopefully this will be a good deal and I certainly couldn't pass up a Toshiba 40 inch LCD for this low of a price. Only time will tell.

    40FT1U HDTV

    - Excellent Picture, 40FT1U's very stunning to say the least. This is the TV's shining point.
    - Great for movies and video games, I use 40FT1U for Xbox 360 gaming. 40FT1U also great for watching sports like football and basketball
    - I got it for just [...] on Amazon with free shipping, two weeks before Black Friday 2010 (It was also being sold at this price at Best Buy but with tax. Amazon didn't charge tax :) It came just 3 days after I placed the order. What a steal of a deal!
    - Don't worry about the 60 Hz refresh rate, I really don't see a difference between this and 120 Hz
    - Nice finish, looks great in a bedroom. 40FT1U relatively thin too compared to most others out there right now, apart from LED's
    - Good price for an established name-brand Toshiba 40" LCD HDTV
    - The sound could be better... I have another Sharp HDTV that has much better sound. But it's still nice. I turned the treble all the way up and it sounds much better than default factory settings.
    - Very quick setup, had it up and running in just a few minutes
    - The remote looks bland and sometimes (at least for me) it seems like it takes a few presses to work, and you have to point it towards the TV's sensor. This was a little hard to get used to, as my other TV's didn't require this type of precise "aiming"
    - The 3 HDMI ports are more than enough for most people's needs, including mine
    - I feel like this is like a $600-$700 TV! I paid so much less and am extremely happy with it! I wish I got in on another one for another room. I hope it holds up for the near future, as it was a deal I couldn't pass by on.

    Toshiba 40FT1U HDTV


    I am one of the many here who bought this from Best Buy for $399.00. I wanted a good LED LCD fat screen and was looking at the Sharp Aquos series but this deal at less than half the price sealed Toshiba 40FT1U for me.

    This is the first flatscreen TV I have bought and hence have no real base for comparison except with old CRT models (Sony Wega). I use this as the main TV in the living room and so far, have only tried a couple of Blu-ray movies on Toshiba 40FT1U. As some others here have noted, the audio is lackluster - especially the low end but it is definitely more than livable. The picture quality is where this TV set truly shines. I have always liked Toshiba products and this one is no different. The blacks are the blackest I have seen for some time. I have only seen better ones in TV sets priced above $1500 in the showroom. The set up was easy. The only other downside I can think of is the remote - the remote requires a good two presses at least for the TV to react to it. Additionally, I need to point the TV remote right at the receiver sensor - pointing at a slightly off-center angle does not work. This can be inconvenient if say you are having dinner at the dining table and watching the TV and want to increase the volume - you would have to get up and point the remote at the sensor as straight as possible for the TV to respond. I used the stock AA batteries - maybe I should change them and try.

    Other than these minor inconveniences, I absolutely love the set especially given the price I received it at. Would happily paid a $100 more and still be perfectly happy with it.

    Toshiba 40FT1U LCD HDTV Reviews

    I also managed to get this TV for 400. I have had 40FT1U for about a month now and I couldn't be more pleased. I looked around and researched for a LONG time before upgrading to a new tv and I have not seen even close to as good a deal considering the 40 inch size. The picture quality is amazing even compared side by side with brands like Samsung and Sony (which I have had the opportunity to see side by side. If you are wondering about gaming 40FT1U is great for that too....the 60 hz refresh rate does fine on every xbox 360 game I have played. It is true that there is only digital audio (optical) out and no stereo out, that would be the one addition to make this TV perfect instead of just amazing. If you have the chance to get this TV for under 500 I would jump on it.... because for a comparable tv anywhere any brand you are going to be paying a lot more.

    Toshiba 40FT1U HDTV Reviews

    I got this tv in pre black friday deal on amazon for 399 bucks shipped. was delivered in 2 days using prime via ups. packaging was torn on sides with packing tape slit/or missing on corners. i got worried and was happy to see TV was not damaged.

    Took me about 10 minutes to set the picture and sound to suit my taste. remote looks clunky and boxy but very ergonomic. on-screen menus are basic but work fine. Sound on the tv is basic and okay but you could use a home theater(beware that this tv has only digital output for audio, nothing else).Picture looks great on HD channels and acceptable on SD channels. I usually do not expect these type of low end tvs to have exceptional sound. Toshiba 40FT1U sounds just fine one you tweak the bass/treble. No humming noise or anything.

    Base of the tv is big, and its not a swivel base. Toshiba 40FT1U tilts a bit towards you, but i guess thats how they balance this tv. overall nice TV for 399 bucks but I wouldnt pay more than 500 for a basic tv like this. No Cons, but no big Pro's either. Just does what a basic HDTV is supposed to do, that is, display nice HD picture with a below average sound.

    Toshiba 40FT1U Reviews

    I also bought this TV from BB during their 2 day sale. I am overly impressed with this TV. I use 40FT1U mainly for my bedroom HTPC. With a little tweaking from Windows 7 the output is amazing. The sound is average but not too bad. Overall happy with my purchase.

    40FT1U Reviews

    I got this TV for $399 Shipped. Right now, thats a fantastic deal for a name brand TV like this. Definitely would have paid more for Toshiba 40FT1U and still have felt Toshiba 40FT1U was worth every penny. It comes in a very large box, with nothing but the Television, Remote, 2 AAA, stand and manual. The menu is very simple to navigate and no learning curve at all. The stand does NOT wobble. I'm wondering if they got defective stands or if they didnt screw in the bottom tight enough. Alternatively, you can mount this tv. Its not that heavy at all, and while its not LED thin, its definitely not too thick either.

    3HDMI ports

    Its beautiful, simple yet sleek, easy to use, and beautiful picture. Couldn't be happier.

    40FT1U HDTV

    TV works great out of the box with no adjustments except for channel set up
    with very old rabbit ears antenna.

    HDTV over the air works fine, amazing detail and colors.

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