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Sony XBR-55X900A

Sony XBR-55X900A Specs
Sony XBR-55X900A HDTV Reviews
Sony XBR-55X900A Reviews
XBR-55X900A Reviews
Rating 8.4
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Sony XBR-55X900A Specs

Size: 55-Inch

  • Display Size: 55 inches
  • 4K Ultra HD 4 times more detail than Full HD 1080p
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 1000000
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Front-facing speakers with 65 Watts of powerful sound
  • Brand Name: Sony
  • Model: XBR-55X900A
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • TRILUMINOS display with more brilliant colors than ever
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Dynamic Edge LED backlight for amazing contrast
  • 4K X-Reality PRO Picture Engine with up scaling to 4K
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Sony XBR-55X900A

Size: 55-Inch

Sony XBR-55X900A Customers Reviews

Sony XBR-55X900A HDTV Reviews

XBR-55X900A HDTVReally nice TV, this may set new levels for picture quality like 720, 1080, did when they first came out. The colors are amazing add to that the detail and you feel like Sony XBR-55X900A's not a picture but the real thing. We got the set on May 16th, maybe one of the first around here(NH), the 5K is hard to swallow at first but in truth we've paid more for Flat Panels when they first came out with no where near the Picture Quality, someone has to start the ball rolling, lol.
Sony XBR-55X900A's important to note that this TV is NOT Samsung Thin, matter fact almost harkens back to them older Plasma's we had, maybe not as thick but don't think your buying into a hanging art piece that hugs the wall. We got the Slim tilt one touch from Sanus Sony XBR-55X900A a nice wall mount for this TV and to adjust it you just gently push or pull on the TV. For those who want slim you could do a in wall setup.
Setup of the TV is simple and instructive, but be fore warned you need to do a SYSTEM UPDATE otherwise you may find the TV turning on/off, the remotes not working etc. We spent a hour with Sony Tech Support after hours trying to reset the TV so we could go back through the setup and download the update, after awhile we finally go the TV to reset and update, THANKS to Sony for having Tech Support available on a weekday night after 9PM and low and behold a English Speaking rep, wow, Kudos to Sony.
As for another Kudos for Sony how about them fancy side mounted Speakers and the amazing thing they sound pretty decent, no need for a sound bar for this TV, if you want casual TV time no Surround Sound this TV has more than acceptable Sound to watch general TV without running the AV Gear.
All in the All, yes Sony XBR-55X900A expensive, but the newest and greatest tech always is, and being the Tech Nerd I am, the latest and greatest always gets my attention, Sony will Sell a lot of these TV's and were not in the least unhappy we bought it.

Pro's; WOW what a picture, Amazing Colors and Detail no matter what you watch, Nice Sound built-in another WOW, easy setup and got to say what a pretty TV.
Con's; Expensive, No Warning about doing the Update so make sure you do it, not so Skinny like a Samsung.

Sony XBR-55X900A Reviews

Sony XBR-55X900A HDTVI have purchased 7 HDTV's in the last 8 years from manufactures that included Sony, Pioneer (8th Gen Kuro) Mitsubishi and LG. I have tried to find a display that was sharp, clear, colorful AND as free of screen defects as humanly possible. (such as banding, dirty screen effect, panel uniformity issues, motion quality and the dreaded flashlighting)

Of course the 4K screen resolution and new 4K X-Reality PRO chip were a huge draw for me and I was very hopeful that THIS HDTV would take care of MOST of my concerns. Knowing there is currently no such thing as a "Perfect" panel, I set my expectations into neutral and went shopping!

For those who know their stuff, let me cut to the chase right here and now. YES you can definitely SEE the improvement on this panel when 1080p (or lower) images are upconverted by this Sony. Yes, the 4K demo material will thrill you, but your current collection and broadcast/cable HD will visibly benefit from the higher resolution. Discerning eyes will see XBR-55X900A IMMEDIATLY. Of course XBR-55X900A can only do so much for poor material, garbage in, 4K upconverted garbage out. But feed this thing some good to great source material and prepare TO BE DAZZLED! My best DVD's look VERY good on it. IS it 4 times as good as your full HD 1080p panel? No, it is not. Is it a noticeable improvement? ABSOLUTELY! Is it worth the price increase to get this improvement? Well, that depends on how important a great picture is to you.

EDIT*** After posting this review I went to read the first one that was posted here on Amazon and it seems both THEY and MYSELF brought in our Oppo's to try this TV out on OUR terms. HA HA And I thought I was the only fanatic out there! Guess again!!
<<My apologies to delicateflower152 just in case he/she feels their review has been lifted>> Great minds think alike, etc.

I had the opportunity to check this truly awesome display out thoroughly over a 3 day period at my local Big Box Store before making a purchasing decision. I brought a number of source materials, including 1080p MKV files , Blu Ray and DVD titles of my choosing. The sources were all chosen to expose any flaws in the display and highlight XBR-55X900A strong points. After phoning first to make sure it was ok, I brought my Oppo BDP-105 and played some discs as well as files from a large thumb drive. The salesperson was starting to get tired of me after few days but there was just no way I would buy this thing cold, not at this price.

I set the Oppo output to "Source Direct" to check out the Sony's upscaling power, then tried using the Oppo's 4K upscaling from XBR-55X900A Marvell chip. The results were inconclusive. The picture looked equally as good with either combination and while there were a few minor differences in the image using the same source materials, either combination was a winning one! By keeping the Oppo's Marvell engaged you have all the picture tweaking options available for problematic source material so I will run it that way.

This TV looks GREAT in person! Much better than the pictures. I couldn't believe how cool it looked. I was immediately grabbed by the COLOR on this panel. I can only describe it as being MORE and BETTER than what I had seen before.

I find I can see the extra clarity and detail on the 65 inch from as far as 6 to 8 feet . I don;t have to look for it or squint to see it. For me the optimal viewing distance is about 6 feet, right in the middle to screen and with the height of the TV set so that my eye level measures exactly in the CENTER of the screen both vertically and horizontally. Once you get yourself in the 'Sweet Spot" with this thing, you will be sucked right into the action. Any good Blu ray just soars PLUS any holdovers from your DVD collection are gonna look even better than a standard 1080p upconvert. The algorithms in the new X Reality Pro chip are superior to any other upconverting scheme I have seen since I started with HDTVs back in 2005. The results are simply and clearly superior to any other brand I have seen or owned. Black levels are not as deep as the best plasmas or even as deep as the Sharp Elite but they are so close it really doesn't matter to me. With the improved color performance, outstanding upconverting and amazing motion handling, (not to mention the new higher resolution) this panel is priced very fairly for what you get. ULTRA HD is a very good name for what Sony is giving us here. It truly IS ULTRA HD in every way!

My major worry had to do with visible banding on horizontal pans, clouding and other screen uniformity issues. I picked some scenes from 'Frozen Planet' (lots of solid light colors) to expose just how much banding can be seen with this LCD/LED edge lit display. While still showing SOME of the dreaded horizontal panning induced banding, I must say it has much less than my LG9600 which is billed as a fully back-lit LED and honestly it is ALMOST not there. Pretty strong performance from an edge-lit panel with local dimming!! ("Dynamic Edge" is Sony's name for this)

*** honestly, there is just NO WAY you can build an edge lit set with ZERO banding and PERFECT screen uniformity. The X900A is the BEST edge lit panel I have ever seen , and better than MOST of the full array models I have seen.

Motion is rendered very naturally and I tried a number of actions films including the battle scenes from the original 'Star Wars' , 'The Hobbit' and 'The Amazing Spiderman' and could not spot any hiccups. Nice and fast, very smooth and natural looking. Tried the newest version of 'Casablanca' (B&W of course) to see how well the Grey Scale had been set at the factory and it looks extremely good.

A full professional calibration after the panel has settled in will be in order here. I have the Spears and Munsil disc plus HD DVE and some filters so I can "ballpark" it pretty well for now. Menu choices are plentiful and everything you need is pretty much included so tweakers can go to town with this thing. The TV ships with the factory picture presets looking VERY good, much better picture out of the box than any other brands I have owned lately. Always room for improvement though.

Screen reflection WILL be an issue if you plan to place this unit directly across from windows or lamps. The very best way to view this display is in very low light with no glare inducing lighting near it. IT is fine in a light room, but you will SEE reelections and that is why when I watch, the room is literally blacked out.

Sony includes a built in "i Manual" which serves as your onscreen main user manual. It is concise and well organized. The included paper manual is more of an extended quick start guide so the facts you NEED are to be found within the onscreen manual. A very well detailed spec sheet is also available on the Sony web site that will answer many questions you may have.

I never use included remotes for ANYTHING and instead use my Harmony One remote for all devices. The codes for THIS TV are already available in Logitech's software database.

I will say that these panels ( at least the ones I have seen) all appear to be manufactured in Japan and as such have a higher than average build quality and level of precision construction. As such, flashlighting has almost completely been eliminated. As a result of good design and excellent manufacturing, I could discern ZERO flashlighting. It is important to say that while this is a premium model, you MAY have a bit of flashlighting show up as there is usually a slight variation in the manufacturing tolerances from time to time. If yours isn't perfect, Amazon will let you ship it back and try again. (In fact, the return policy Amazon has is in many regards better than most retailers when it comes to getting 100% satisfaction out of a new HDTV)

While I wait for MY new 65X900A to arrive I am watching my current display, the LG 9600 which until this year was the top of the line for that brand, but I am supremely confident it's a very big step forward going with this Sony. I know that being an early adopter is many times fraught with disappointment and it is certain the price of these types of displays will be going down over the next few years. However, at my age and rather poor health I decided I wanted to see 4K NOW (both native and upscaled from my disc collection)

Most you probably know by now that the 3-D on this set is simply OFF THE HOOK! A passive system that still provides full resolution from your current 3D disc. AS good or better than any theater I have seen 3D in. I did try the onboard media player and it is both functional and intuitive. I have ZERO interest in apps or streaming services and do not plan to use them, being totally old school and buying a TV just for the picture quality alone and viewing my own collection on it.
The "Smart TV" features on this are plentiful and I am sure most folks will take advantage of them. I won't be, so I can't comment on their functionality.

The NON detachable speakers have been controversial on all the AV boards in the last few months. A vast majority seems to HATE them, just the look alone. I have to say, they sound GREAT and while I would rather have the option to remove them (or not) this is the first time I will have had a flat panel with excellent onboard sound. Yes, I have a full 5.1 Denon/Klipsch system and don't care that much for TV speakers, but for minor viewing, news and old reruns, it really ups the ante a bit. Many folks don't want to deal with ANY sort of sound system and this will be all they need. I will say this. The speakers look MUCH BETTER in person, than in any ads I have seen. (just wish they were removable)

I am thrilled to be getting one of these but as stated earlier in my review, I HAD to see this in person and up close before I would commit to purchase. It is a large investment and you need to be sure. After putting the Sony XBR-65X900A though it paces, I couldn't get my credit card out fast enough. I know I will kick myself when the prices drop or they change the 4K standard or upgrade to HDMI 2 but for now this HDTV is beyond anything I have had so far and I am REALLY excited about being able to watch it daily.

Buy one now for guaranteed instant upconverted 4K video thrills, or hang on a bit and wait for the prices to come down. If I were 10 years younger I would have waited, but as it stands there is no time like the present for me! As I use this over the next few months I will absolutely ADD to this review (I always do with my HDTV reviews) and include any more observations, hidden features or flaws and anything else that stands out as needing to be said.

Take my advice and go check this model out for yourself! Just be prepared to be DAZZLED and don't be surprised if you end up signing your life away to get one! These new 4K resolution HDTV's are game changers, just like the original 720/1080p sets were. Sony's upconversion with their X-Reality PRO chip is TOP NOTCH , the build quality is great , the sound is WAY WAY above average and the color/detail is out of this world. Not sure WHY Sony went with edge-lit but in this case everything works extremely well! If you want to upgrade, THIS ONE will do it for ya! At the risk of repeating myself, you WILL be dazzled!

XBR-55X900A Reviews

Sony XBR-55X900A 3D LED HDTV ReviewsAs bona-fide videophiles, aka " TV-holics", my spouse and I were devastated when our flat screen died - fortunately before the extended warranty expired. While searching for a replacement, we were introduced to the "Sony XBR55X900A". Side-by-side comparison with other flat screens rapidly demonstrated older technology could not compare to the "Sony XBR55X900A".

We have had the "Sony XBR55X900A" since May 1; my review is based on approximately three weeks of use and viewing time of approximately 3 hours per day. We receive our programming and internet service through Time Warner Cable and its Signature Home option. Your experience with the "Sony XBR55X900A" may differ depending on the source of your signal.

PICTURE QUALITY: The "Sony XBR55X900A" provides a superb viewing experience. Colors are bright and the images are sharp and clear. We are viewing the "Sony XBR55X900A" in a darkened room and use only a nightstand light which has the equivalent of a 60 watt bulb.

The "gorilla glass" screen will produce a glare if the "Sony XBR55X900A" is used in a room with overhead lighting or one with a bank of windows on the side of the room opposite the set.

Viewing the picture straight-on provides the best experience and picture quality. After about a 40 degree angle, the picture is not as sharp. At that point, the picture begins to resemble one produced on a typical flat screen.

The on-screen images are comparable to digital photographs taken with a professional camera. The detail and clarity produced by the increased number of pixels, four times that of a standard high definition television, is nothing short of amazing!

COLOR: The delivery/set-up team told us to leave the color settings as they were when set at the factory; that was fine when filtered, natural lighting was available. However, since we generally watch network programs at night and in a darkened room, customizing the "standard" setting seemed to be a better option. Under our preferred viewing conditions, colors with the factory-set "standard" setting appeared a bit washed out.

Following are the settings we chose; these may provide a reference point in customizing your "Sony XBR55X900A". These settings do produce very vivid colors and may need to be adjusted to meet your personal preferences. If a category is not listed, the factory setting was not changed.

* Backlight - 6
* Picture - Max
* Brightness - 50
* Color - 60
* Hue - G1
* Temperature - Cool
* Sharpness - 65

* Black - Medium
* Contrast - Medium
* Light Limiter - Medium
* White - High
* Live Color - High
* Detail Enhancer - High
* Edge Enhancer - Medium
* Skin Naturalizer - Off

When "Color" was set higher, individuals who had a more florid complexion appeared to be permanently blushing. Lowering the color setting to 65 or less corrected this issue. But, there were still some complexions that appeared to be quite pink. Adjusting the "Hue" to G1 minimized this issue. Grass and trees were then a very vivid green. Any fertilizer manufacturer would appreciate having a product which produced similar results. Setting "Color" higher than 60 resulted in fair-complexioned individuals seeming to have used a bad self-tanning product

VIVID SETTING: Although advised that the "Vivid" option would cause individuals to look orange and that brighter colors would bleed into one another, we did experiment with that setting. The "Vivid" setting did not produce orange "aliens" or color bleed. However, we did find that when the background was black, flesh-toned images seemed to be "outlined" in black or more deeply shadowed. We then used the settings listed previously, but set "Color" at 50. (Advanced settings are not available when the "Vivid" option is used.) This adjusted "Vivid" setting and the tweaked "Standard" are similar although not exactly the same in appearance.

SOUND: Speakers along the side of the "Sony XBR55X900A" do provide a much better quality sound than is available on most flat screen televisions. Sound coming through the speakers is not tinny or weak.

We connected a ZVOX 555 to the "Sony XBR55X900A" and obtained a richer, deeper and more satisfactory sound - I am tone deaf so the fact that I can actually hear a difference in the sound quality says a lot. I would definitely recommend using an auxiliary sound bar with the "Sony XBR55X900A".

MOTION: Having watched several NBA semi-final games on "Sony XBR55X900A", I am happy to report there was no motion-blur (my non-technical description) or loss of image clarity. The image does not "lag" the action.

INTERNET CAPABILITY: The "Sony XBR55X900A" connected effortlessly with the wireless system. The options were easy to navigate and sites such as YouTube played smoothly and without blurring.

STAND: Although the "Sony XBR55X900A" can be hung on your wall, the unit does come with a circular, silver metal stand. When the stand is used, the flat screen sits about 1 1/2 inch off the surface of the furniture on which Sony XBR-55X900A is placed. The sensor is located on the lower edge of the "Sony XBR55X900A".

If you place the unit on the stand which is above your eye level when seated, you may experience some difficulty using the remote. Because our "Sony XBR55X900A" is sitting on a chest that is six feet tall, we have to raise the Time-Warner system remote overhead for Sony XBR-55X900A to operate as designed. If we used the Bluetooth remote which is included with the "Sony XBR55X900A" this issue disappeared.

AESTHETICS/APPEARANCE: The 5" wide black speaker columns and 1" top and bottom borders combine to cause the screen to appear compressed. Thus, the "Sony XBR55X900A" actually appeared smaller than the 52" flat screen it replaced. I almost thought my spouse was right when he said we "needed" the 65" model - no matter that we would have had to cut a hole in the ceiling ...

Because it is not "frameless", the "Sony XBR55X900A" is not as sleek and contemporary in appearance as other flat screen sets. It is not unattractive, but if you desire a frameless look, you may not like its appearance.

SUMMARY: If you are looking for an extraordinary viewing experience or like to have the most current electronics, you should consider the "Sony XBR55X900A". While it is near the top price-point for 55-inch flat screen high definition televisions, if television is a primary source of entertainment in your household you will find it worth the money.


Sony XBR-55X900A HDTV ReviewsSo, this TV is excellent! I was sitting on my couch, jerking XBR-55X900A to some triple-X videos when my doorbell rang. XBR-55X900A was Jehova's Witnesses, or so I thought. It turned out that they were strippers hired by my sister! So, they watched the videos with me and...well, I'm a gentleman so I don't bang-and-tell, but you get the idea! Thanks, sis! And thank you, giant television!

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