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Sony WEGA KV-27FS13

Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 Specs
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Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 Specs

  • Dynamic Focus Circuitry for a crystal-clear picture equally across the entire flat screen.
  • V-Chip Parental Control
  • Flat screen optimizes picture quality and reduces glare
  • 2-speaker surround sound simulation
  • 3-line digital comb filter for enhanced resolution

Sony WEGA KV-27FS13

The Sony 27" KV-27FS13 Wega flat-screen stereo TV packs a high-end picture and sweet stereo surround sound into a great-looking flat-screen package.

Video Features
This set features a three-line digital comb filter, which enhances resolution by removing the blurred edges between colors and reducing dot crawl. It also sports Dynamic Focus Circuitry, which provides better-controlled picture tube rays that produce a crystal-clear picture equally across the entire flat screen. A 181-channel auto preset tuner rounds out the package.

Audio Features
This SAP-enabled set (second language decoding) also features Sony's Matrix surround sound system, backed up by enhanced stereo sound.

Other Features
The Wega KV-27FS13 comes with a component video input, two rear audio/video inputs, S-video Detection, a front audio/Video input, a RF input, and a variable/fixed audio output, as well as Sony's RM-Y180 new silver universal remote commander luminous remote control and V-chip parental control to protect young eyes from adult programming.

Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 Customers Reviews

Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 HDTV Reviews

Before I made the decision to buy this product, I read a variety of consumer reviews, including Consumer Reports. The reviews gave this product high marks. (Consumer Reports rated this among the top TVs in its category). I was looking for a reliable flat screen TV that would provide excellent picture and sound quality at a reasonable price.

With the Sony KV27FS13 I was not disappointed. After getting some help to get Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 in place (Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 is heavy), the connections and setup instructions were a breeze. I am very pleased with the variety of connection options. The S-Video input allowed me to connect my satellite receiver. I can't believe the clear, sharp images. What a difference!

The reviews I read also said that video component input was the way to go to connect a DVD player. I used this connection to hook up my DVD player. The picture quality is superb! I was surprised at the clarity of the sound too. It is the closest thing to watching movies in a theater that you can experience without actually being in a theater.

All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase. I would highly recommend this Sony Wega TV to anyone who is looking for great quality at a reasonable price.

Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 Reviews

This is a good Flat Screen TV set from SONY. WEGA KV-27FS13 has a Digital comb filter that increases picture resolution and reduces noticeable dot-crawl, which is visible on less expensive 27inch brands. WEGA KV-27FS13 has Rear audio and composite video inputs as well as an S-video input for DVD, Laser Disc players and Super-VHS recorders for higher picture resolution. It also comes standard with Clock, Sleep Timer, Last Channel Recall, Remote and V-chip. I just saw this set this afternoon with a satellite signal and DVD demo. It looked excellent.

WEGA KV-27FS13 Reviews

Sony sets the perfect example , if the analog set is really on its way out in a few years due to the NTSC signals being switched over to HDTV,on how to show off analog signals in a big way (going out with a big bang)! This has got to be the step right before leaping into the purchase of a digital (HDTV) Trinitron Wega !

I have had my share of various brands of 25" to 27" color t.v.s over the years(from Zenith to RCA to JVC) and this Sony Wega is an incredible investment and far surpasses the other competition;there is no competition. Yes, while many say that these tvs are pricey, you do get what you pay for.Skin or human flesh tones are very natural which many other competitive manufacturers can never seem to get right or overlook when designing their models. The other manufacturers' sets recreate awesome vivid colors with non-human images, yet the failure shows when trying to display natural skin tones ( and Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 does not matter how much you try to adjust the hue or tint function). The most obvious visual trait from this Sony Wega is the sharply detailed and brightly colored overall appearance of objects, people, landscapes, and words in fine print that present what a Trinitron is all about. Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 is coupled with a respectably modest 2 stereo speaker internal cabinet set-up with some type of enhanced surround sound circuitry for a simple and non-bombastic aural theatrical experience when watching movies from various sources. Edges around people and objects remain distinct, sharp and almost 3 dimensional at times throughout the screen. Their is no "fuzzying up" or blurriness of words and objects around the edges of the screen unlike other sets that have a curvature of the glass to them.This flat design also permits for people to sit around in front of the set with an almost perfect 180 degree angle for clean viewing. You do not have to sit smack in the middle or in the viewing "sweet spot" to get the same clarity as someone already sitting in the middle. The tv cabinet itself is aesthetically and tastefully pleasing to the eye without having huge garish digital buttons on the front (rather slim minute oval ones on top). It is a heavy set. I remember when people first heard of these flat screen Wegas they all ran to the local electronics retailer only to be disappointed that what was truly flat was the screen only and not the cabinet or chasis. This puppy weighs in nearly at almost 200 lbs. The ultimate test for this Sony is to use a dvd player with a component Monster cable hook up. I tried it and the images were vividly and immaculately reproduced. However, this even showed the shortcomings of some poorly compressed or transferred dvds filled with MPEG digital artifacts and major digital mosaic blockings.

If those poor individuals turned down buying one of these sets due to the chasis cabinet not being physically flat like a plasma HDTV screen then they never found out what they truly missed or are missing. On the other hand I remember the price for one of these being almost close to double of what they go for now. How times have somewhat changed within the last few years...


My previous TV, a 25-incher, conked out two days before Thanksgiving. After three days of furious research, I ventured out to my "local" electronics store (8 miles away!) at 8 am the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. I had already decided on a Sony 27" flat-screen and didn't need PIP, so the KV27FS13 was the one. WEGA KV-27FS13 was rather difficult to judge the quality of the picture in the store; I couldn't get more than five feet away from the set, arrayed as they were down narrow aisles. But the price was right, and I've had a good experience with my Sony flat-screen computer monitor.
The punchline: The salesman asked," How many do you want? We have 19 in stock." Ooh. (...)One for every bedroom. As if.

With bungee cords, the box barely fit in the trunk of my Caprice, but I got WEGA KV-27FS13 home and in the door, courtesy of my trusty handcart.
Getting it up on the TV stand with no help proved harder. At 100 pounds and with few right angles for my hands to get a purchase on, WEGA KV-27FS13 a big'un. I'm glad I got the in-home repair plan, 'cause I ain't movin' that thing again till WEGA KV-27FS13 ready to go to that home theater in the sky.

But enough of all that. You want to know about the picture. Well, it's flat, and there is less glare, but it's a picture. The ugly little secret no one will admit is that picture quality is dependent on many things, none having to do with the flatness of one's TV screen.

This has been brought brutally home to me during the time I've had the set. On the stations with high quality signals, the picture is fantastically bright and clear. I can see the weave in fabrics, the blemishes, laughlines and stretchmarks on actors' skins, the veins on leaves and petals, the scratches and nicks in football players' helmets. Watching certain cable channels, old family videos or clapped-out video-store rentals, however, is an exercise in frustration. I can only compare the experience to trying to read fine print without my bifocals. Our local peacock-network affiliate has multiple ghosts and scratchy sound, as it has for the last three years.

Around back, it's got more plugs and outlets than my stereo receiver. From the looks of them, you could hook up enough speakers to start a second Northridge quake. The cable connection worked, and that's all I cared about.

A few minor quibbles. There's no flat surface on top to rest the cable guide and TV listings. Why bother putting volume, channel, and on-off controls along the top front edge of the cabinet? And the color of that cabinet can best be described as stained-with-a-few-years-worth-of-kitchen-grease-silver. Sony, please. Either make it bright silver or paint it black.

Once you OPEN AND READ THE MANUAL, this TV's onscreen menus are a joy to use. And I have a Sony VCR, so I can use its remote and the TV's remote almost interchangeably. Very nice.

Moms 'n' Dads who use TV as an electronic babysitter will be happy to know that through the use of this Sony's password-prompted parental controls, their progeny can be blocked from seeing anything but G-rated fare, so hopefully they will grow up be model students and upstanding citizens and not stand around smoking and spitting and making noise in front of my house. We shall see.

Watching old CinemaScope movies that have been letterboxed is a much more pleasant experience than on my old 1989 25" bubble-screen. If you do a lot of that, you might want to spring for a 32" flat-screen, but invite some strong friends over for pizza and beer the day you bring it home. It's close to 200 pounds (Yes, I asked while I was at the store.)

Sound? It's head-and-shoulders above that coming from my old TV, whose two integral "stereo" speakers were partially blocked by the housing. I've already tried hooking the TV up to my stereo system using both the back and front audio ports, and the sound is phenomenal. I got a pretty good idea of what surround sound would be like if I ever went that route. Again, the sound is best on newer shows that were in stereo to begin with. Old movies and TV shows(my favorite kind) didn't have clear-as-a-bell sound to begin with, and there's not much improvement in 1950's audio even on a 2001 flat-screen stereo set.

So there you are, folks. If you're going to buy a Wega or any other flat-screen TV, buy it. Wonderful picture, wonderful sound under ideal conditions. But don't expect it to be a cure-all for weak output from the aforementioned sources. If anything, the high-quality display and the relative power of the speakers will exacerbate the flaws in these sources.As we used to say in the bad old days of DOS and the bad new days of HTML, "Garbage in, garbage out."


I've had this television for probably about a year. Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 is a fantastic set. I am no videophile but I can tell you that Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 has the best picture of any set that I have owned. I'm pretty sure that it also has the best picture that I have seen on just about any television that I have sat down in front of (not including a TV store).

Pros: Great picture. Crisp and clear for television. I have a local cable company providers cable box hooked up into the S-Video input. It looks great.
I have a Sony DVD player hooked up through the component video inputs. The picture is incredible. I must add though, that some DVD's are not looking as good as I would have expected when compared to others. I think that has alot to do with the DVDs in these rare cases though. Star Wars Episod 2 looks insanely good. So do many others. Some, for some reason do not.

16x9 mode. This is also great for wide screen dvds. It increases the resolution in a very noticable way. I must add though that better instructions need to be given regarding the dvd players aspect ratio and what to do to make this feature work correctly. If done wrong, this feature makes the picture squish a little (very noticable). But when you do it correctly, it makes all the difference in the world. A very good option to have. I'm told the resolution gets to be about 33% better. It sure looks it.

Cons: I too have seen some white patches at the top left and rights sides when playing certain dvds. The only time I see them is during the intro to star trek episodes on DVD when all you see is the stars against a dark backround. The white patches are there and are noticable during this brief period. I don't watch hockey like the others and have therefore not seen the pink bars on the side they see during bright white scenes. I have had no issues with bright white scenes. The more colorful the better is the impression that I get with this TV.

One more con and that's all. Although the DVD quality is incredible for most DVDs, there are a few where during dark scenes you see what one person refered to as "hundreds of bugs running all over the place". I guess this is that grainy look that digital sometimes has. I think this comes from bad DVD's. Anyway, I do see this sometimes and am still pleased with this set. It can only be as good as what you put on it.

All in all. I Love this set and would buy it again. I paid about 500 for it and didn't find it too hard to get it in my apt. It is very versitile. It was a little heavy, but I think that that is a good sign that everything that needs to be in there, is.

Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 Reviews

I bought the KV-27FS17 (WEGA KV-27FS13 has PIP) for [money] and I love WEGA KV-27FS13. Picture and sound is amazing especially with DVD, PSX2 hooked up to it. With the PIP model I can play video games and watch sports at the same time changing the PIP screen around as I please and easily swapping what audio I want to hear. I would fork out extra [money]for PIP. Come sept. I can watch two football games at the same time!! Remote is easy to learn!! A few cons - it weighs 100 pounds! I am 22 and I was able to take it from garage to family room by myself but its bulky and heavy. I guess thats to expect with any large TV. make sure you take a large enough vehicle to pick it up. Also the top surface is not flat. So nothing can be set on top of it. (minor inconvience for most) Thats it with the cons. Multiple inputs, S-Video (highly recommend monster-300 cables to hook PSX2 with! Makes everything even better!!

Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 HDTV Reviews

Having read a number of glowing reviews, I was not disappointed by my new Sony Wega - this TV is awesome. I compared a number of 27" flat screen TVs from Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, & Sony. Of the five, I found the Sony to have the clearest and most vibrant picture. Also, only the Sony and the Samsung have the 16:9 picture modes to display widescreen films with the highest resolution. Digital cable (thru composite video input) looks significantly sharper and more brighter than my old TV and DVDs w/ component video input look stellar. I also have PS2 and games look awesome on the Wega.

Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 Reviews

Overall, this is a superb product. The picture quality is crisp and clear - the various settings allow some great fine tuning for personal viewing preferences. Unfortunately my gripes are with everything but the picture tube.

The speakers are mediocre to good quality. Very limited bass range - the low frequency really lags and muddles the overall sound if you crank the bass setting too far. Treble is less of a problem. Just pipe the audio through a stereo system to augment the mediocrity. The casing and proportions really draw way too much attention to itself. The light gray color really makes this 27" look fully cubic in volume and mass. This silver color is a fad and the newer KV27FS-13 models are a darker gray tone. Look for later models to go even darker platinum. Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 just seems obvious that the attention should be on the screen - not the frame. Powering up when cold (sounds strange) evokes this distinctive degauss sound - not a huge deal but annoying when someone else is sleeping.

Too critical? Well, the undercarriage built in grips helped lug this thing out of the cardboard - halleluiah! And Sony WEGA KV-27FS13's a great value (if you don't pay for shipping) for the updated picture technology - DVDs never looked so good:) Lastly, timing is everything - Sony had the lock on flat screens before many of the other manufacturers. Currently though, there are a few comparable companies out there building as good or better tubes. .... 4.5 stars because the tube is dead on great but the packaging needs help...I'll round up because I want to feel good about the hole in my pocket.

WEGA KV-27FS13 Reviews

This is a truly great TV set. I love the flat screen and how sharp WEGA KV-27FS13 looks. When I play pre-recorded VHS tapes on my VCR on this television you can actually read the credits on the tape! I never saw that before. Also we still play Laser Discs in my household so I really enjoy the multiple options for inputs. I was also impressed with the sound on this set. You can actually hear the bass. This is a great TV. SONY makes the best.


I bought this TV off Ebay and I'm blown away. You get the great clear crisp Sony picture for a great price. Sometimes Sony TV's can be hit or miss as far as reliability but they got Sony WEGA KV-27FS13 right on this model. The picture from a DVD player using the component inputs looks incredible.

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