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Sony KDL46BX450

Sony KDL46BX450 Specs
Rating 7.6
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Sony KDL46BX450 Specs

Size: 46-Inch

  • 46inch, HDTV
  • Refresh Rate: 60
  • Brand Name: Sony
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 40000:1
  • 5.1 Channel Audio
  • Display Size: 46 inches
  • Amazing High Definition picture quality
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Twin Picture : PAP(Fixed), PIP
  • Model: KDL46BX450
  • Refresh Rate 60Hz
  • Resolution: 1080p

Sony KDL46BX450

Size: 46-Inch

Sony KDL46BX450 Customers Reviews

Sony KDL46BX450 HDTV Reviews

Sony KDL46BX450 HDTV ReviewsFirst, I have to say we were a little worried about ordering a TV online. I talked to somoene in the "big products" (not the right phrase, exactly) department at Amazon who assured me the TV would arrive in perfect condition, and if not, returning a TV was as easy as returning a book. So we ordered. And the TV did arrive in perfect condition. So if any of you are worried about ordering such a large and expensive item, set your worries aside.

As far as the TV goes, I cannot give you a technical review. All I know is the picture is GREAT, Sony KDL46BX450 was easy to set up and Sony KDL46BX450's intuitive to use. We aren't gamers and we don't have 6 different things to plug into it. We have a DVD player. That's it. Movies look and sound great for our needs.

Sony KDL46BX450 Reviews

Sony KDL46BX450 ReviewsThis TV works great. Had KDL46BX450 for 2 months now and no issues at all. Display works great. Couldn't ask for more.

KDL46BX450 Reviews

KDL46BX450 ReviewsPlease be aware that this unit is a 60-Hz. You would be hard-pressed to learn this from the specs and reviews.

While 120-Hz units cost more, and reduce blur, the quality of this 60-Hz unit is adequate, especially at this price. All TV signals are broadcast and/or recorded in 60-Hz. Thus, any 120-Hz or 240-Hz unit is not receiving/displaying a higher-quality signal, but merely interpolating the time-slices between the 60-cycle images (a digital scrubbing, as Sony KDL46BX450 were), to reduce blur.

Probably info overload, but I just wanted to say that Sony KDL46BX450's a 60-Hz unit, in case anyone is looking for that spec. Wikipedia has an article on "HDTV blur" (section 100 Hz+) that explains it all.
Revision, about a month after purchase: I am very happy with this unit. The product page on Amz. is a bit misleading re: "Clear Resolution Enhancer" (whatever that is). Amz indicates that this unit does not have it, but the manufacturer's shipping crate clearly states that this unit (like the EX640 unit) does have it. Specs constantly change; inquiring minds want to know. It seems to reduce the out-of-focus conditions on the old Hollywood DVDs that are just plain old VHS transfers. Nice!

Another thing: older analog SONYs let you "Fix Channel" (lock it) on, say, channel 3. This is for us folks that get all their broadcast signals from a cable box--which has all signals coming out of the box to the TV on, say, channel 3. This keeps the kids and spouse and dog from hitting the numeric channel numbers on the remote, and inadvertently going into a black-screen situation. And the subsequent troubleshooting, puzzlement, etc.... This unit has no such feature, altho you can manually go in and block all 141 other channels, so that the unit displays a "Blocked" message and jumps back to normal after a few seconds.

A freebie: If you are replacing a Sony TV, this unit will most likely respond to your cable company's remote (On, Off, Volume, Muting, etc) since you already programmed it for a Sony. You others, well, you probably would have had to reprogram your cable-box remote anyway.

Finally, the sound: This TV is over 3" thick, so it has room for some decent speakers. The sound is MUCH better than what I hear coming out of other people's ultrathin TVs, mainly cuz there's some good bass.

Tech note: If your DVD player is using a 3-wire Yellow-Red-White (composite) cable, REPLACE IT with 5-wire Green-Blue-Red (component) video if available + plus Red-White for Audio (or equally as good, a 1-wire HDMI cable, if the player has a jack for it). The video signal really is MUCH better; why corrupt your DVD signal with an inadequte cable? A cheap fix.


KDL46BX450 HDTVI've used this product for a full day and I am blow away from what KDL46BX450 delivers. I bought this TV for heavy gaming (PS3 & PC), watching Dish Network Satellite channels, and Blu-ray movies. I've tested each of these criteria on the Sony KDL40BX450 and have seen amazing clarity. There are also lots of features that KDL46BX450 has which add to your personal viewing experience (i.e. different aspect ratios, scene selects, equalizer, etc.). The BRAVIA Sync Functionality works great as well (provided you have a capable SONY device which supports the feature).

Additional Information: I have set this up in a small to medium size room, so viewing distance is not a problem. I'd recommend this model even if you're planning on installing it in the living room. Also, don't bother listening to another reviewer who stated that this is not a BRAVIA model. There is a big fat "BRAVIA" label on the top left of the TV (not to mention it has BRAVIA Sync).

To conclude, I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality LCD 40-incher with a great price.

Sony KDL46BX450 HDTV

Sony KDL46BX450 HDTVI found this TV to be the best TV I have ever had. Great quality, great value. For a person that does not watch 3D TV or need any internet on the TV, this one is perfect. I just wanted good quality in a big screen for a reasonable price, and I got Sony KDL46BX450!!

Sony BRAVIA KDL46BX450 HDTV Reviews

Let me start off by saying that I have only had this TV for a week; but I'm in love. The picture looks fantastic, HD looks amazing, and KDL46BX450's an extremely good looking and well put together TV. I was nervous when I bought KDL46BX450 that it wouldn't have the component video capability (based on other reviews), but it turns out it does... as advertised on Amazon, and as shown in the pictures of the rear of the TV.

Sony KDL46BX450 HDTV Reviews

40 inch 1080p HD TV for under $500- great deal. I was worried with Sony KDL46BX450 being 60Hz rather than 120Hz, but this turned out to be not a big deal. Watched the Indy 500 a few weeks ago and the image quality was great- no noticeable blurring. I was also worried about the inputs (both HDMI and AV) but I was able to hook up both my Directv receiver & X-box 360 without any issues. Guess the only gripe is the screen is more reflective than the Vizio Sony KDL46BX450 replaced. I can plainly see our can lights from our kitchen reflected in the screen when sitting head-on in the living room. The frame around the TV is also very reflective- shiny black. However given the value, a great purchase!

Sony KDL46BX450 Reviews

This Sony TV is an amazing display, especially for its price. KDL46BX450 offers full 1080p at a 60HZ refresh rate, along with an excellent contrast ratio and viewing angles. As a result the picture is crystal clear, even competing with TVs at a larger price range. KDL46BX450 also has a light sensor, which adjusts the screen's brightness to how light it is in the room. It offers two HDMI, one component and two composite inputs for input options. It also has the ability to read photos and music right from a USB flash drive via its buit in USB port. One con about this display is its sound quality, which, like most flat panels nowadays, is subpar. This is easily taken care of with an alternate speaker system however. Also, this is not an LED backlit display, however the picture quality is so good you won't even be able to tell the difference.

KDL46BX450 Reviews

I have been a Sony user/buyer since the first Walkmans appeared. I still have my 1992 Sony rack system that has been moved countless times and been through hell. The 5 disc carousel still works great but the tape-deck finally gave-up a couple years ago. Sony really shines with this Bravia. I wanted one ever since I first set eyes on one in a Fred Meyer store in Oregon. I FINALLY was able to purchase the 40inch Bravia (Best Buy) and by then (2010) they had introduced the "motion flow" technology which really enhances the viewing experience. I think I paid $800.00 that summer. Purchase a Sony Blu-Ray player at the same time you buy the Bravia, the absolute best 1080p flat-screen on the market!! You will NEVER go back to 720p or regular DVD's again. The improvement is that good. Sony KDL46BX450 redefines the old HD and has an almost 3D effect with some animation blu-ray movies. The Bravia has many inputs/outputs for components, game systems, etc, and you will want to invest the extra 40 bucks for the HDMI cable. Sony KDL46BX450 saves a lot of time and helps if you have additional components to add like surround sound system (which I hooked up to that old 1992 5.1 surround/lol) Just buy it. You will be glad you did and I wouldn't be writing this/wasting my time if I didn't think that the Sony Bravia tops them all!!! Personally, I find the 40 inch a very nice size. One more neat thing about the Bravia, it doesn't have that cheap-glossy glass screen like those cheap Vizeo's. The screen is matte which reduces glare tremendously. I can't stand TV's and laptops with a shiny screen, what a drag.


We researched LCD TV's for months, and were please when this set was offered for under $500. Of all the TV's I've seen, only Samsung has a better picture, and only slightly better than the Sony, yet KDL46BX450 runs at a 10-15% premium. As other buyer's have stated, this set only has 2 HDMI ports, which is a problem if you need to add gaming systems, etc. However, if you want outstanding picture quality, and mainly watch tv/ blu-ray, this set is more than adequate,and you won't beat the price.

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