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Sony KDL-32W650A

Sony KDL-32W650A Specs
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Sony KDL-32W650A Specs

  • Screen Size-32;Videocall-Enabled;Media Player-Yes; Video-Maximum Resolution-1920 x 1080;Interfaces/Ports-HDMI-Yes;
  • Refresh Rate: 60
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Aspect Ratio-16 : 9;PC Streaming-Yes; Video-Video Signal Standard-HDTV 1080p;Audio-Sound System-Surround Sound; Interfaces/Ports-USB-Yes;
  • Backlight Technology-Edge LED; Features-Digital Noise Reduction; Streaming Service-YouTube, Pandora, Netflix; Video-Scan Format-1080p;Interfaces/Ports-Number of HDMI Ports-2;
  • Model: KDL32W650A
  • Display Size: 32 inches
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Brand Name: Sony
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Sony KDL-32W650A

Make any room instantly more entertaining with a full had 1080p TV. a wonderful fit for secondary viewing rooms, the w650 led TV features Sony's best had picture processor for enhanced color and sharper detail, perfect for when you might be sitting closer than in a more traditional living room set up. fill the room with dynamic, full-range s-force surround sound and see how an enlarged sweet spot makes all the difference. General information-manufacturer-Sony corporation : general information-manufacturer part number-kdl32w650a : general information-manufacturer website address-Sony : general information-brand name-Sony : general information-product line-brave : general information-product series-w650 : general information-product model-kdl-32w650a : general information-product name-32" class (31.5" dig) w650 led internet TV : general information-product type-led-LCD TV : technical information-screen size-32" : technical information-backlight technology-edge led : technical information-aspect ratio-16 : 9 : technical information-smart TV-yes : technical information-video call-enabled : technical information-features-digital noise reduction : technical information-pc streaming-yes : technical information-internet access-yes : technical information-media player-yes : technical information-streaming service-YouTube, Pandora, Netflix : video-video signal standard-HDTV 1080p : video-motion interpolation technology-motion flow or 240 : video-maximum resolution-1920 x 1080 : video-scan format-1080p : audio-sound system-surround sound : network & communication-Wi-Fi-yes : interfaces/ports-HDMI-yes : interfaces/ports-number of HDMI ports-2 : interfaces/ports-USB-yes :

Sony KDL-32W650A Customers Reviews

Sony KDL-32W650A HDTV Reviews

Sony KDL-32W650A HDTV ReviewsThis is a nice TV set. I ordered Sony KDL-32W650A 15 days back and I am loving Sony KDL-32W650A. It supports NTFS hard drive and can playback mkv files directly from it which is awesome. Picture and build quality is also very good.

Sony KDL-32W650A Reviews

Sony KDL-32W650A ReviewsThis tv is a beauty to look at. You can tell KDL-32W650A is built with greater quality and better materials than other 32 inch televisions, as well as other tvs in this price range. The bezel is small, and made of metal. KDL-32W650A forms a nice border for the screen. There is only the faint BRAVIA lettering on the left top corner. There is an energy star label in the lower right corner which can be peeled off. A small silver module at the front has the SONY logo with led lighting. It is a very minimalistic and modern looking television from the front view. At the back of the television it is thin from the top (only 0.5 inches thick), but at the bottom where the power unit and other electronic components are located it has a depth of 2.5 inches. The thin stainless steel is beautiful as it is functional. The tv sits rock solid and feels very secure. The stand has a foot print of 8 inches deep by 16 inches wide.

So the main question is how is the picture quality? Well I am pleased to say that the picture quality is excellent! Blacks look truly black. THe color palette is pleasant and have a nice pop. The picture look more realistic compared to a 32 inch Samsung I demoed in store. The Samsung appeared over-saturated and images appear burnt out. THe Sony did a better job of showing a more even, realistic, and detailed image.

I do not know if this is an IPS screen. Even if it wasn't the viewing angles are quite good. I had no issues with sitting off centre. Contrast and brightness are slightly decreased, but still fine. I was happy to note there was no brightness variations across the screen. The lighting is very even on my unit. The screen is somewhere between matte and gloss, so while glare is there it is not disturbing. Further because it is not as matte, as my previous Samsung monitor, the picture appears vibrant.

The remote is nice to hold. It has a good feel, and the layout is nicely thought out. There are shortcut buttons to Netflix, the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) hub, and Home. I would have liked it to have backlighting. I also wished it had a touch panel too.

The Smart features are nice. Like I said already, this tv can connect to Netflix, and SEN. In the SEN screen you have an app for Youtube, NHL Game Center, Crackle, Picassa, etc to name a few. I noticed it was missing HULU which would have been nice to include. Connection to my wireless network was simple and quick. Accessing the apps were slighly sluggish at times. I had to wait for them to load, and some may find the few seconds frustrating. Generally browsing the apps was not such a painless endeavour, but neither is it too painful. I wished the speed was better. The tv has an internet browser. The problem is with trying to navigate web pages. Because KDL-32W650A all from the basic remote, and not a touch pad, it slows what is an easy task performed on a tablet or on a computer. You can connect to the tv with your tablet or smartphone to help with navigation in the Youtube app which makes searching or browsing for videos a whole lot faster.

There are only two HDMI ports, and one USB port which is limiting. To connect to your stereo system you would need to use an optical digital audio cable. Or you can use a 3.5mm plug to RCA cable. There are no standard RCA outputs. The sound quality of the tv speaker is not bad. I just prefer to connect it to my Energy speakers, which sounds much better.

I haven't tried much gaming with this tv. The motion is fine as far as I can tell. Didn't notice much issue with lag.

There are lots of customizations for picture. There are several scene modes. You can also customize picture quality to the way you like with white balance, hues, saturation, brightness, and more. There are various picture enhancements in the menu which works well.

The 32W650A is probably one of the best 32 inch television out there, although there is a small list to chose from. Most manufacturers are not interested in making 32 inch televisions these days, and instead focusing on larger tv displays. I heartily recommend it.

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