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Sharp LC46D62U

Sharp LC46D62U Specs
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Sharp LC46D62U Specs

  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Integrated ATSC / QAM / NTSC Tuner
  • Table Stand Included
  • High Brightness (450 cd/m2) AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions maintin vivid color saturation and contrast even near windows
  • Full HD Spec 1080p (1920 x 1080) Resolution for the sharpest picture possible
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Display Size: 46 inches
  • Brand Name: Sharp
  • Model: LC-46D62U
  • Dual HDMI Inputs for the ultimate in terminal flexibility. Both inputs are compatible with 1080p sources

Sharp LC46D62U

From the Manufacturer The AQUOS LC-46D62U sets a new standard for large-screen flat-panel TVs. With Full HD Spec 1080p resolution, dramatically enhanced black level and an elegant new design, it produces a breathtaking picture quality that is second to none. The AQUOS LC-46D62U utilizes the next generation of Sharp’s proprietary Advanced Super View/Black TFT Panel with multi-pixel technology, providing a native 2000:1 Contrast Ratio and a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 10,000:1 with Enhanced Picture Contrast Technology, 4ms response time and wide viewing angles (176º H x 176º V). The AQUOS LC-46D62U has built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC tuners and includes 2 HDMI inputs, is compatible with 1080p signals, and has 2 HD component video inputs. The AQUOS LC-46D62 features a sleek piano black cabinet with subtle, recessed bottom-mounted speakers, and the included table stand easily removes for wall mounting applications.

The newest AQUOS series feature a next-generation Advanced Super View LCD panel that delivers full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution for the fastest response rates and highest contrast ratio for the sharpest possible picture.

Full HD Resolution
Simply put, nothing competes to the AQUOS 1080p full high definition experience. You enjoy HDTV in its purest, most exhilarating form. True 16:9 widescreen provides a cinematic experience optimized for your natural line of sight. And AQUOS 1080p delivers twice the digital and double resolution of 720p HDTV.

Resolution describes the number of pixels on a digital television screen. More pixels give the picture more lifelike detail. Higher pixel density provides added clarity for digital TV, DVD, and HDTV. This fine resolution means you can view the large screen even from a close distance. For example, you can comfortably view a 45-inch screen from about 5.6-feet away.

AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions deliver very high resolutions for a clear, smoother picture. Our widescreen models meet the highest standards for HDTV viewing and provide a true 16:9 aspect ratio. With stunning resolutions up to 1920 x 1080, they capture the full excitement and intensity of high definition.

Contrast and Brightness
Sharp's D62U series of liquid crystal Televisions offer the industry's highest native contrast ratio of 2,000:1 and highest dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1. With these superior contrast levels, you can enjoy a quality viewing experience in any viewing environment. Sharp's new proprietary Advanced Superior View/Black TFT Panel decreases color shift, enabling a high native contrast ratio of 2,000:1. Native contrast is the contrast within one image frame. Sharp's new proprietary Enhanced Picture Contrast technology results in a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Dynamic contrast is the contrast between the lightest and darkest colors AQUOS can display. Enhanced picture Contrast detects the black level characteristics of the image source and dynamically adjusts the backlighting accordingly to display deeper blacks.

Four Spectrum Color:
Sharp has added a deep crimson to the three standard primary colors of blue green and red on all AQUOS models. This four-wavelength backlight beautifully reproduces all the varied skin tones, making people's skin look fresher and more lively, and objects such as red wine look deeper and riper. This is only possible by broadening the color range.

Glare reduction:
AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions feature a low-reflection Black TFT panel that reduces the glare of ambient light, no matter where the light is coming from or how much light is present in the room. Even in a bright, sunlit room, AQUOS glare reduction ensures crisp images.

Fluid Motion:
AQUOS technology has improved its response time to 4ms, #1 in the industry for Liquid Crystal TV, and compatible with CRT technology. With less residual image on screen, AQUOS is perfect for watching fast-moving images such as sports, movies with subtitles, video games, and action movies.

Black is back. And better than ever.
In a world where color trends come and go, Sharp is excited to introduce its new contemporary classic—the D62U Series. With screen sizes of 42-, 46- and 52-inches, the D62U Series offers the most elegant, cutting-edge flat panel televisions available. This series sets new standards in HDTV style and innovation, with a striking piano black finish, subtly recessed speakers, brilliant color reproduction and spectacular picture quality. In addition to providing a high contrast ratio, the newest AQUOS® series includes a next-generation Advanced Super View LCD panel that delivers 1080p full spec HD (1920 x 1080) resolution for the sharpest possible picture. Plus, its Multi-Pixel Technology* significantly improves color reproduction at virtually every viewing angle. The dual HDMI™ inputs are compatible with 1080p sources such as Blu-ray™ players. All of this means that, through the AQUOS, there is always more to see.

AQUOS Advanced Technology
Great style and performance do not just happen. It takes a commitment to quality, an incredibly talented team of professionals and a vision for innovation. Sharp, a global leader in Liquid Crystal Televisions year after year, brings all of this and more to our technology, continually raising the bar for outstanding quality and high performance.

  • Multi-Pixel Technology: By dividing each pixel into two sections and developing an advanced driving system, Sharp’s new Multi-Pixel Technology delivers more natural and accurate color reproduction when viewing the screen from virtually any angle. This technology improves extreme-angle viewing by approximately 60 percent.
  • Next-Generation Advanced Super View LCD Panel: The purest whites. The deepest blacks. The most vivid range of color. That’s what comes with Sharp’s innovative LCD panel technology. The panel uses an enhanced color filter that allows greater light transmission—providing a greater native contrast ratio of up to 2000:1 and a response time as quick as 4ms for true film-like smoothness. This means richer color and a more accurate, more brilliant depiction of the world on screen.
  • Four-Wavelength Backlight System: The conventional three-wavelength red, green and blue LCD backlight just got better. Sharp has vastly improved natural color reproduction with the development of its four-wavelength backlight system, adding a remarkably vivid crimson red to the palette—and changing the way LCD TV is viewed. The LC-57D90U takes the technology a step further with a five-wavelength backlight system, adding an even deeper green. With Sharp, the color possibilities are endless.

The most advanced facility for the integrated manufacture of LCD TVs.
The Sharp Liquid Crystal Television plant in Kameyama, Japan, represents the ultimate example of economic efficiency, social mindedness and environmental conservation. Combining Sharp’s vast experience and knowledge in R&D and mass production, including 50 years of TV and 30 years of LCD production, the Sharp Kameyama plant is a world-class facility for the manufacture and assembly of LCD panels.

Continuing its leadership, Sharp will open a second plant at Kameyama in October 2006. This will be the world’s first facility to adopt 8th generation glass substrates, which are roughly twice as large as the substrates used in the number one plant. Plant number two is specially designed for the production of glass for LC-TV screen sizes in the 40-inch through 50-inch range and will provide a steady supply of medium to large panels to respond to the growing worldwide demand for digital and high definition compatible flat panel televisions.

The most advanced technology to minimize environmental impact
The Kameyama plant was designed as a "Super Green Factory." A cogeneration system and a photovoltaic power generation system supply the plant with approximately one-third of its energy needs. Combined with a waste-heat recovery system that transforms waste heat into air conditioning, Sharp reduces CO2 emissions by 40 percent per year. In addition, the plant collects all the wastewater from the production process and recycles it using water purification technology. Via its Super Green Strategy, by the year 2010, Sharp plans to completely offset its production of greenhouse gas emissions by way of energy savings from new energy-efficient products and energy creation through the proliferation of Sharp solar cells.

What's In the Box: LC-46D62U 64 LCD HDTV, remote control (with 2 AAA batteries), ac power cord, tabletop stand and owner

Sharp LC46D62U Customers Reviews

Sharp LC46D62U HDTV Reviews

Sharp LC46D62U HDTV ReviewsJust got this guy home last night and I was a little concerned that I'd see banding as stated in the other reviews - but alas - no banding!! Hooked up to my Comcast DVR HD box with component cables that Comcast provided at no charge. Super picture and sound. Sharp LC46D62U's heavy though - use two people to move Sharp LC46D62U. The manual looks very "thick" until you learn it contains several other languages than english - easy to use and operate. The HD picture is amazing - as I saw it in the store at HH Gregg, Augusta, GA.

We were going to get the 42" inch version, but apparently HH Gregg didn't receive their shipment from Sharp so we upgraded and I'm glad we did.

Sharp LC46D62U Reviews

Sharp LC46D62U ReviewsPros:

- Contrast levels and refresh rates are excellent

Compare to the competitors (Samsung and Sony):

Sharp: 100000:1 contrast ratio with 4ms refresh

Samsung: 6000:1 contrast with 8ms refresh

Sony: 7000:1

This is always one main weakness of LCDs vs plasmas vs DLP and regular tube monitors. But Sharp's new technology marks a breakthrough.


- There have been reports of "banding" on avsforum. Ie some displays have irregular bands of darkness. I have not experienced this on my display. The community has been trying to track this down. So you might consider ordering this from a place that will take returns without heavy restock fees just in case.

- Default factory settings are a little too red. I changed my settings to tone down the red.

Final comments:

In general this Fall season is a good time to buy:

- 1080p is finally here and content is emerging in the form of HD-DVD, BluRay and next gen game platforms like Xbox 360 and PS3.

- Competition is intense and prices are dropping wildly for the holiday season. I received mine on Nov 6. LC46D62U is now Nov 19 and in that time the price has dropped by $500. Fortunately I orered mine from ABT and they refunded me the difference even after the sale. The 37" 720p Sharp was at this price last year. So my guess is the price will stay at about this level till Christmas. If there ends up being a shortage after Christmas, prices may rise a little and then drop about mid 2007 when another generation of the products begin to emerge. The next product cycle for the Sharp may fix the banding issues. So if you are really concerned wait 1 more year. They will only get cheaper and there will only be more content to view. But if you just can't wait any longer, now is indeed a good time to buy this or one of its competitors.

LC46D62U Reviews

LC46D62U ReviewsI bought this sharp about two weeks ago after many weeks of shopping around and debating between different brands, plasma, LCD, etc... This TV cost a little on the high-side of what I was looking to spend, but once I got Sharp LC46D62U home I was not disappointed! The picture is great, even from a side angle. Fast motion sports don't suffer from any trail effect (4ms response!), and the OPC setting works well in my somewhat bright daytime living room. Plus full 1080p is nice! The over the air ATSC tuner picks up all of the local HD channels even without an amplified antenna. My one (insignificant) complaint is that the gloss black frame shows fingerprints too well. A flat/matte black would have been nicer.


LC46D62U HDTVThe Sharp Aquos LC46D62U is a very impressive LCD TV. Consumer Reports rates the LC46D62U right at the top of TV's over 40 inches. LC46D62U was easy to install, and works perfectly. I am very satisfied with LC46D62U.

Sharp LC46D62U HDTV

Sharp LC46D62U HDTVGot this set in December to replace a twelve-year-old 35" Mitsubishi in our master bedroom. What an improvement in all categories of performance! NO BANDING OR ANY OF THE OTHER PROBLEMS OTHERS HAVE EXPERIENCED/IMAGINED. Ten additional digital channels received over basic Comcast cable. Both analog and digital broadcasts display seamlessly. Panasonic upsampling DVD/VHS and TIVO display beautifully. Major purchases should always go this well.

Sharp Aquos LC46D62U LCD HDTV Reviews

Sharp Aquos LC46D62U LCD HDTV ReviewsThe Aquos has met all of my expectations for a big screen HD TV. I am very satisfied with Sharp LC46D62U. Sharp LC46D62U was delivered several days late due to the delivery agent, but the TV is great.

Sharp LC46D62U HDTV Reviews

Sharp LC46D62U HDTV ReviewsThe TV was delivered to our home in rural Texas on time and in perfect condition. Kudos to the shipping company. The set has a great picture and no discernable banding, a problem noted in many earlier reviews.

Sharp LC46D62U Reviews

Beautiful picture (no banding issues). Easy set up. Good price and fast shipping from Amazon. Connected via HDMI to Comcast Digital Cable set top box and digital audio output to existing receiver. Powered up and voila! Also purchased the LC32D42U for another room and connected direct to cable (no set top box). QAM tuner found all the non-scrambled channels and again, beautiful picture.

LC46D62U Reviews

I read a previous review that listed a number of cons. I give the reviewer a 5 for their efforts, but I can tell you I don't agree with the cons. Some of the cons to me, were just suggestions, perhaps good ones, but they do not at all detract from the quality of this unit for me.

One of the pros they missed is the backlit buttons on the remote. We installed this unit in our spare bedroom, and often times sleep there while watching movies with the lights out. With this remote, the only button you have to remember LC46D62U's location, is the backlit button. Press that and all the buttons illuminate nicely. My only con on the remote was that the sleep button (and some other useful ones) are hidden behind a flip down cover. I spent the first 2 months with this TV complaining there was no sleep button, but by chance I stumbled across the flip down cover and viola, there LC46D62U was!

I previously thought bigger was better, and was looking at a DLP model that had a larger viewing screen and cost about the same. My fiancé talked me into the smaller screen, and I am so glad she did. The quality of this LCD screen is absolutely amazing. I have not yet ordered HD TV, but the Blu-Ray movies via my Sony Playstation are out of this world. You can even see the film grain in some scenes. Not a plus, but not the fault of the LCD screen either.

Look, I am no expert here, though we did spend about 2 years looking and researching before taking the dive, but I can say without question, that I think this is a steal. 46" LCD screen for under $2,000, with a picture quality that surpasses all others we looked at, at least in this range, and many costing more too. Perhaps they cut some corners with the cabling in the back, and the black was perhaps cheaper for them to make then silver (I prefer the black anyway), and perhaps they cut a corner by not providing a handle (one person shouldn't reasonably be moving it anyway, plus LC46D62U very easy to grab onto - not like a queen mattress or anything), so I give kudos to Sharp for making this very fine piece of technology and equipment outstanding and at a price point that didn't put me longer into debt then the device lifespan. However, if I only get 5 years out of this, I will be p.o.'ed.

We are very happy with this unit, as is everyone we have shown it to (some with critical eyes), and we think you will be too. If you can afford more then we could, I would suggest the 52" version of this model. Besides, if you wait 3 to 6 months, the 52" version will probably be under $2k.


Even though the television cost my friend $2100, this 46" LCD 1080p televison is tops in every way. The televsion is beautiful to just look at when its off with the piano black finish and narrow frams making Sharp LC46D62U look like a frame with a pedestal. Standard Definition looks incredibly well as well as DVDs watched from PS3 thru an HDMI cable. The picture is much better than my Plasma, which you can see reviewed in my products. PS3 games are incredible and photos on the PS3 look beautiful. HD is even better. The colors, brightness and uniformity are all very good. Banding is really a no issue here unlike my plasma. Blacks are the best (according to Cnet) on this series of Televisions. Sony's televisions are excellent too but can cost another $1000 for the same size, which is close to 50% more than the AQUOS. Definitely a keeper!

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