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Samsung UN55EH6030

Samsung UN55EH6030 Specs
Samsung UN55EH6030 HDTV Reviews
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Samsung UN55EH6030 Specs

Size: 55-Inch

  • 3D HDTV
  • Refresh Rate: 120
  • Brand Name: Samsung
  • Display Technology: LED-lit
  • Wide Color Enhancement
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Display Size: 55 inches
  • Weight: 57.00 pounds
  • TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 49.3-Inch x 31.1-Inch x 9-Inch, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 49.3-Inch x 28.7-Inch x 3.8-Inch
  • ConnectShare Movie
  • Full HD
  • Model: UN55EH6030FXZA

Samsung UN55EH6030

Size: 55-Inch

Samsung UN55EH6030 Customers Reviews

Samsung UN55EH6030 HDTV Reviews

Samsung UN55EH6030 ReviewsAs my title says this TV is simply amazing. I actually was debating on whether to purchase this 40" LED 3D 1080p 120hz Samsung TV (UN40EH6030) or a practically identical 40" LED 1080p 120hz Samsung TV (UN40EH6000). At the time of purchase the 6030 was selling for $497.99 which has 3D capability and also comes with a pair of 3D glasses. The 6000 was selling for $548.00. They both have the same exact specifications, except that the 6030 has 3D capability which is the only difference and I even called Amazon to confirm this, as sometimes things aren't 100% accurately described. The Amazon rep confirmed that they were basically the same TV. Don't believe me? Look Samsung UN55EH6030 up for yourself and compare specs. So I got a 3D TV instead of just a regular 2D TV AND SAVED $50 which is awesome. To seal the deal I didn't have to wait in line for this deal, didn't have to worry about getting trampled, and Samsung UN55EH6030 was delivered to my home 2 days before Black Friday.

Took about 10-15 minutes to assemble (very easy assembly) and another couple minutes to make a few minor tweaks to the picture. I actually used a review from the UN40EH6000 reviews to help make the minor picture tweaks. If you decide to purchase this TV i'd direct you to follow that review to change some settings as they made the TV look even better. The review is titled "Sometimes...Not BEING a Smart TV... is The SMART TV!" and Samsung UN55EH6030 posted by F. Maria.

I am a big gamer, and playing Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and to say the picture is great is an understatement. So clear, so crisp, the blacks are black, whites are white, as they should be. I'm going to begin my military service here in the next few months so it'll likely be idle for at least 6 months so if you're looking for a updated review i'm sad to say you likely won't see one, but rest assured that if something goes wrong with my television I will do my best to update my review as soon as possible so that you and others researching this TV are given timely information.

Was a bit skeptical when purchasing through Amazon as usually with electronics you want to see it with your own eyes, but the process couldn't have really gone any better, unless they decided to give me a free TV :)


Samsung UN55EH6030 Reviews

UN55EH6030 ReviewsI bought this TV from other retailer and i must say that i just love this TV. When i went to buy UN55EH6030 i was bit confused that how come such a TV with so many features is listed for just $497 where as same TV without many feature was listed for more then $500. I confirmed with the rep of that retailer store and his response was "YOU ARE BUYING A RIGHT TV AT A RIGHT TIME".
When i brought this TV home UN55EH6030 only took me 20 min to fix it.....very simple to setup. Secondly, the picture quality and the sound system is just awesome. It has a LAN connection aswell so that you may connect it to your network with your router (this LAN option was something i wasnt aware of it, so i was bit surprised when i saw it). 3d function is also great !

in simple words i would say that this is a very good TV and i would recommend buying.

UN55EH6030 Reviews

UN55EH6030 HDTVI recently bought the set from another retailer as I got a better deal. I am writing this review to present the facts as I see them. I am no videophile or guru, so please regard my review only as an end user perspective.

1. Excellent picture quality. I have seen 480p, 720p and 1080p channels on this set and without doubt Samsung UN55EH6030 is as good as the best television sets the stores put up for display.
2. Sounds great. 20W does the magic I suppose. Previously I thought Sony Bravia was best at video and audio, but this tv blows Samsung UN55EH6030 to dust.
3. IT DOES NOT FEEL THICK. If you are worried about the thickness of the TV, please refer to other LED sizes. You will be surprised to see that most of them in this class are above 3 inches. This one is 3.7 inch thick, and to me, what matters most is how thick it feels. It does not.
4. 120 Hz

1. I feel the 3D quality is not that great when converted from 2D. I will update the review when I get chance to watch real 3D content.
2. When I plug it in the contrast was set to 100. Holy crap. I was so worried. I brought it down to a good level and then started noticing how great the picture looked.

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