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Samsung LN32D403

Samsung LN32D403 Specs
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Samsung LN32D403 Specs

  • With ConnectShare, simply plug in your USB memory drive or HDD into the TV and instantaneously enjoy a range of photos and music on your TV
  • Clear Motion Rate
  • DNIe technology optimizes the moving picture image and colour, while the contrast ratio and fine details are amplified
  • Wide Color Enhancer. Image Contrast Ratio: 40000:1

Samsung LN32D403

February 2011
Watch movies; check out videos, view pictures, and more on a 32-inch LCD HDTV. It's ready for an HDMI or Component source. Or take a look at your favorite music or picture files from a USB thumb drive. This energy-efficient display is housed in Samsung's eye-catching "Touch of Color" design, and will look great in any room.

Samsung LN32D403 LCD HDTV Watch movies; check out videos, view pictures, and more on an HD 32-inch LCD HDTV.

Samsung LN32D403 Customers Reviews

Samsung LN32D403 HDTV Reviews

I bought this for a great price. I knew i wanted a new tv so i simply went to target and looked at all the 32 inch tv's, this one looked 10 x better than the rest of them. The color was so much better than the rest, SO VIBRANT. the tv itself is also super nice looking, Samsung LN32D403 has a glossy black frame that makes Samsung LN32D403 looks so nice. the stand is a tad wobbly as some have said, but nobody should be touching your tv anyways soooo who cares? volume is super loud which is awesome! the highest i have ever had it is like a 14 and thats loud. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


nice looking- glossy frame
perfect bedroom size
amazing picture
loud sound
nice price!!!

only 720p but it looks incredible to me!!
stand is a little wobbly but it doesnt really matter!

Samsung LN32D403 Reviews

Bought this TV at a local store, set up was really easy. HD picture is pretty good but the local broadcasts in non-HD aren't that great on LN32D403. I really got LN32D403 for my XBox 360, I used a Component cable for the connection and...WOW!...it looks awesome! Great definition during game play. The sound is OK, better when you turn on the SRS Surround. Really have no gripes about it at all, considering I paid only $298 for it.

LN32D403 Reviews

I wrote a great review about this television below because I felt Samsung LN32D403 was a great TV. I left the TV on in my bedroom for about an hour and went into another room to do some work. When I came back there was an extreme harsh smell in the room from the TV, As I mentioned below, I own another Samsung TV and that TV has absolutely no smell..

The smell, smelled like Samsung LN32D403 was toxic. . Similar to the smell of plastic that had burned. You could feel it in your eyes and throat

I immediately contacted Amazon and they sent me a return authorization. I wanted to get another TV, but the system wouldn't allow me to order a replacement, it would only give me a refund. I later found out the TV is now being sold by another vendor.

If anyone is reading this from Samsung or Amazon, you should pick up the TV and find out what is wrong with it.

Also, if anyone one from Amazon reads this, I still would like to get the same TV replaced.

My review before I had to return the TV.

I am going to start this review with the mounting base. For anyone who has a hard time installing this base, I have posted pictures for your review on the product page. I found it extremely easy to install the base, and have no idea why anyone would have problems with this procedure. Samsung could not have written the instructions any clearer. As for the stability of the base, I feel it is fine. The TV does wobble a little while moving the base, but when the base is placed in its final resting place, there will be no need to really touch the TV. The TV on the base is stable.

This is my second Samsung TV. I have spend days looking at different televisions, and every time, I go right back to Samsung. I thought I would save some money and buy one of those $199.00 TV's. I tried to convince myself the picture was good, but it wasn't. Also the sound on several lower priced TV's are very tinny. Back to the store the bargain priced TV went.

Picture quality is great. The picture is very sharp and the colors are very bright. Sound quality is good.

As I mentioned, this is the second Samsung TV I own. Both of these TV's have just been plugged in. I have not changed any color settings on either TV.

Go to a store before you buy A TV. Look at the the TV's. You will notice Samsung TV's always look brighter and sharper than most of the other's.

I give this TV 5 Stars. Amazon is great to work with. If you feel the TV you received has a problem, notify them. They will work with you. If your Amazon TV is defective , they will make arrangements for UPS to come to your front door and carry it out to their truck. It could not be easier.


I Bought this on sale @ Best Buy. Have Direct Tv.. picture is great. I have set on the best picture setting. LN32D403 is called vivid. The sound is ok. There are 5 settings you can choose from. Some are better than others. The stand is fine.. sturdy~ Took one woman.. to make LN32D403 work. Ha. I have seen stands put together wrong it is easy to do.. and it is easy to fix. :> I think for the money..the best 32 inch out there. I have a 50 inch Panasonic it is good.. the pic on the Samsung is just as good! I say buy it..

Samsung LN32D403 HDTV

This TV is the perfect option for a spare room TV. This is a very basic TV 720p,60hz with no special features and for this price point you shouldn't expect anything more. I own only Samsung TVs and monitors and this TV did not disappoint me. The picture and sound are great for this price point. The only negative is the stand could be more stable, but if you plan on mounting Samsung LN32D403 this won't be an issue.

Samsung LN32D403 LCD HDTV Reviews

I did a lot of research before buying this TV. I originally purchased a Hanspree and the sound was horrible. The sound on this set is great, one of the best I have heard in a panel, and gets better with a little tweaking.

As for the stand: A lot of reviews say the stand his flimsy or horrible, and all I can say to those is that LN32D403 sounds like they didn't put LN32D403 together correctly or read the directions. I was hesitant to buy it because of those reviews, but they aren't true. There are 2 screw holes that can be missed if not paying attention. I believe there are 6 screws total, and if done correctly it is very sturdy. DO NOT be worried about the stand and enjoy a Samsung quality TV for under $300. We are!

Samsung LN32D403 HDTV Reviews

I really like this TV. Samsung LN32D403 has a really good, clear picture. I think others have commented on the sound...and the sound is okay. We did change a setting on the sound in one of the menus and Samsung LN32D403 did make a difference for the better. I would not say that the sound is bad by any means, but on the other hand, it isn't just absolutely wonderful. We don't have any other sound system hooked up to the TV and I think it sounds just fine. When it comes down to it, if you are wanting a big wonderful sound, of course you are not going to get that from the little speakers on probably any small TV; you need to hook it up to a better audio source. The picture on the TV itself is wonderful. I feel like it was an amazing deal for the price. I also like the "touch screen" type buttons on the front of the TV. They are down on the lower left (not actually on the screen itself) and they completely blend in to the outer casing around the TV. You can't see them unless you are looking for them. They really aren't buttons--they are just a spot where you touch that can control the volume, turn off/on the TV, ect... I am really, really happy with this TV. I looked at a whole bunch of different 32" TV's and I am glad I bought this one. I have not been disappointed.

Samsung LN32D403 Reviews

I bought this tv to hang on the wall in my bedroom. If possible LN32D403 has a better picture than my living room tv which is a 42 inch Samsung with 1000p. Possibly because LN32D403 is smaller it seems to have a sharper picture. Tv sound is not great, (what tv sound speakers are?) but I set it to surround and it is good for bedroom. I didn't have to deal with wobbly stand since I wall mounted it. I paid 1 dollar less for it at Wal-mart than was advertised at Amazon I would recommend this television. I was looking at side by sides with other tvs at Wal-mart after I had already bought it and it was sharper and better looking than all of the others. that includes Sony and LG's and others.

LN32D403 Reviews

I bought this set a few years ago (forgot to write a review on Samsung LN32D403) and Samsung LN32D403 has stood the test of time. I've had no trouble with it in any sense save for a couple times the speakers acted up. To be completely honest, I'm not sure if there's an official term for when speakers output a static, distorted sound when a particular sound/pitch is played through them. Regardless, this happened a couple times.

I haven't had this problem in quite some time so let me talk about why this is a decent set. If you're not looking for something obnoxiously large or high-end, this 32-inch is great, especially if you use it for gaming (like I do) and sit less than 8 feet away. The menus are easily navigated, the remote is nice and I haven't had any trouble with stability. It swivels about 25-30 degrees in both directions and has plenty of inputs (HDMI, Component, VGA, etc.) for all of today's technology.

Don't be fooled by others reviews. For the price I paid, the quality is good, the size is just what I wanted, and this is a decent set for only being 720p. There might be some QC issues but I did not have any, so I'm giving this set the full 5 stars.


Looked at a lot of tvs for the bedroom and this was a great one at a good price. Easy to set up....great picture and sound. All of the tvs in out home are samsungs and the pictures are aleays so real to life

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