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LG 55LN5710

LG 55LN5710 Specs
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LG 55LN5710 Specs

  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Model: 55LN5710
  • Brand Name: LG
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Get nearly double the pixel resolution of standard HD with Full HD 1080p resolution.
  • Access premium content providers like Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, and YouTube direct from your TV using a wired network connection (via Wi-Fi with separately sold dongle).
  • Display Size: 55 inches
  • You won't believe your eyes. LG?s LED technology delivers amazing brightness, clarity and color detail.
  • Display Technology: LED
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LG 55LN5710

From the Manufacturer LG LN5710 Full HD 1080p LED TV

LG 55LN5710 Customers Reviews

LG 55LN5710 HDTV Reviews

LG 55LN5710 HDTV ReviewsPicked this TV up yesterday from Sears for $699 as Amazon was still selling LG 55LN5710 for $799. this is a new TV built in 2013. I don't think you could ask for a better 55" TV for that price. Set up was simple and the TV was packaged well. I mainly am using this TV as a Monitor for my PC and Gaming on Xbox 360. My PC is hooked up through HDMI and the TV had no problem hooking up to the computer. I did watch a couple HD videos and the Picture quality was excellent. I saw a previous review about the remote not being great but I thought LG 55LN5710 was laid out very nicely and I have big fingers.

I was very skeptical about buying this TV because I couldn't find many reviews on it, but I took the chance and I am glad I did. I don't think you would be disappointed with this TV.

LG 55LN5710 Reviews

LG 55LN5710 ReviewsJust received the TV, unpackaged and had up and running in less than five minutes. Very simple and intuitive following on-screen instructions. Picture is excellent. Sound is acceptable. Purchased for basement usage and was looking for something of a "value" TV. This is 55LN5710. For $700 bucks, you can't beat 55LN5710.

55LN5710 Reviews

55LN5710 ReviewsPro's
Gigantic TV.
Pretty loud TV for not having any front speakers.
Great price for what all you get.
Slim Design, looks great.
Light weight, easy to move.
Screwing the TV to the stand only takes a few minutes.
Setting up the TV is extremely easy.
Remote control is easy to use and understand without really reading the manual.
Menu options are straight forward.
Picture quality is great for the price (I would recommend setting the video to 'Vivid')
I noticed a significant difference in xbox picture quality going from a Visio LCD to this LED.
Wireless adapter makes connecting to the internet really easy.
Smart TV functionality allows for all kinds of apps. There is also a built in browser.

Not having the smart remote makes web navigation slightly frustrating, but that can be solved by buying the remote.
While watching sports sometimes the picture is fuzzy. (I honestly think this is a ATT UVerse problem. As I never have picture issues while playing xbox)

I don't really have anything else to really complain about. I would recommend this TV to anyone who wants a new 2013 model TV for an affordable price and who doesn't need the best of the best out there.

55LN5710 HDTV

This is my first large 55 inch hdtv so with spending the money that i did for LG 55LN5710, i thought my review should be seen by others deciding whether or not to purchase this tv for themselves. First off, i liked the idea of their Enchanced Delivery, even though i was skeptical, just thought they would just drop the tv off and leave, but nope, LG 55LN5710 wasnt that way at all. I was actually running late and the delivery guy waited for me to get home, and then he did bring the tv to my upstairs apartment and unboxed it and set it up and did not leave until he knew that it was working properly.

I was very impressed, the tv was bigger than what i expected to see and i thought the picture was great on hd movies, however will probably purchase a dvd upconversion for my other dvds to help them be more hd format. I know some people have said some bad things about this tru motion feature, and i will admit i thought it looked different at first, but i think it gives it a more realistic look when watching a movie, but then thats just me. I also purchased this wifi dongle to get my internet, and no problem at all hooking into my internet wifi, very easy, no issues yet. Which i also purchased this wifi dongle from amazon too, alot cheaper that way.

Overall i am very pleased with this purchase and got it at a great price that cant be beat, i only have one negative thing to say about this tv, and it isnt the tv itself, it is the remote control, which i see alot of others on here have also said, but i wish there was a different remote i could get for this model, because the buttons are very close together and when you use the scroll pad below, i tend to push the smart button and go to the settings and internet applications, so i just have to be careful. I am debating whether or not to get a extended warranty on this product, but i think it would be a good idea just in case something goes wrong, they will come to your home and fix it, or so they say... But in the meantime, im gonna check with the LG site and see if they offer a different remote that may be better...But thank you Amazon for a great bargain and for my biggest internet purchase on here so far......

LG 55LN5710 HDTV

First off, I want to say the HD is awesome, comparing to my Panasonic 1080 SmartTV (TC-L42E30), even watching YouTube videos with low quality gives 55LN5710 its High Definition look! Another awesome feature I noticed the other day, the Eco feature: the TV screen automatically dims with light in the room is low or off, and the brighter the room is, the brighter the screen is. Lots of apps. Overall, Im satified with this Smart TV. Glad I bought 55LN5710 when I did at $699... I see 55LN5710 at $849 today but Im sure it will drop again. Im also happy it has an internet LAN connection to plug my cord into the back instead of buying the wifi adapter. I can watch my favorite apps like Netflix/Crackle/Youtube and soon Amazon. I can also password-block certain apps I dont wont my young ones on (such as Youtube)!

LG 55LN5710 LED HDTV Reviews

I received this TV a couple of days ago and am very happy with the quality and picture. The smart TV features work great, but the Amazon Video app is noticeably missing. I emailed LG and received a response an hour later (how is that for quick response!) which said the Amazon App is being updated and will be available with the August 2013 software update, which I am assuming is about to be released.

LG 55LN5710 HDTV Reviews

Got the TV and wifi adaptor for $699. Delivery and set up was fantastic. I have only used the TV for gaming so far (GAMING mode) but the 55" picture is awesome! I also like having Netflix on the TV and the set up to connect to my Netflix account was simple. The whole set up process for the TV took about 5 minutes. A 55" TV for $699? Hard to go wrong at that price and LG is a proven quality company.

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