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LG 42LK520

LG 42LK520 Specs
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LG 42LK520 Specs

Size: 42-Inch

  • Picture Wizard II allows for self-calibration with on-screen reference points to ensure terrifc black, color, tint, sharpness and backlight levels
  • TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur
  • An incredible contrast ratio of 150,000:1 delivers incredibly vibrant colors and deeper and darker blacks.
  • Full HD 1080p gives it superior picture quality over standard HDTV. You'll see details and colors like never before.
  • Energy Star qualified so your entertainment experiene uses less energy

LG 42LK520

Size: 42-Inch

LG 42LK520 Customers Reviews

LG 42LK520 HDTV Reviews

LG 42LK520 HDTV ReviewsI'm not the review type and I don't have much time, so here goes my short review:
This is an awesome TV and I spent MUCH time researching and comparing TV's in stores.

I wanted a SAMSUNG as research showed them to be (arguably) the best brand.
Every SAMSUNG looked better in the stores I went to, in most price ranges. The exception were some of the PANASONIC plasmas, but they were out of my budget anyway.

My budget was about $600-$800 and I decided on LCD over Plasma. Didn't consider LED for LG 42LK520's higher price range.
I wanted LG 42LK520 to be 120hz and have the best possible picture quality.
I was set to get the Samsung LN46C630, then this LG grabbed my attention. Bear in mind I was limiting myself to the lower end models that don't have all the extra features I would not care to have.

LUCKLY, one fo the stores I went to have these 2 TV's side-by-side!
And it was a VERY close call, sometime I found the LG to have better picture, sometimes the SAMSUNG. I was impressed that LG as a brand would stand up to Samsung.
Please do understand comparing in stores is a great way to do this, but not completely reliable as TV's would have different calibration settings (or lack of) and generally they have a store-demo mode which makes the picture look bright and stuff to draw attention to itself.
Then I found a smoking deal on the LG, which made it very easy to decide.
I could have gone either way and been happy.

LG 42LK520 Reviews

LG 42LK520 ReviewsI had spent about 6 weeks researching the various LCD TVs on the market. Granted there are several high end units out there with high end prices. Having purchased the LG 37LD450 about 7 months ago, I wanted another LG. 42LK520 was coincidence that the LG 42LK520 was a brand new model, just released in March/11. With no previous reviews, I took a chance that this unit would be equal to, or surpass the previous model. I am pleased to state that this LG model has surpassed all my expectations. Well done LG

42LK520 Reviews

42LK520 ReviewsI was in the market for a new HD TV and didn't want to pay extra for 3D capability or redundant features like wireless internet. I play video games on a fairly competitive level and input lag was a major concern for me. I took my Xbox 360 to a retail seller and was allowed to plug and play to make sure there wouldn't be any issues. I used a HDMI cable and had no problems.

More than enough connectivity. I had no problems setting up the TV with the rest of my entertainment system (a sound bar and some gaming systems).

Only 2 issues have ever come up:
1. Assembling the stand at first was a bit tricky. You have to prop up the face of the TV on some pillows or something to elevate LG 42LK520 enough to attach the stand at the bottom since LG 42LK520 juts out a bit at the front. A mild inconvenience.
2. Review the default settings and make sure to turn off the power-save feature. Otherwise there is a sensor that detects light in the room and it will dim the TV as it gets darker to save power. Maybe there is a way to control just how much it will dim, but I prefer a consistent picture. I almost thought the TV was malfunctioning at first.

I have owned this TV for well over 3 months now and have been extremely happy with it. Excellent picture for movies and gaming and no input lag at all. It may not have a host of features like some of the other TVs out there, but I have other devices that I use primarily for internet... etc. This TV is priced very competitively for what it is. Highly recommended!

42LK520 HDTV

42LK520 HDTVThis LG 42LK520 is replacing my well-loved Toshiba CRT tv (which, to my dismay, refused to age or give any sign 42LK520 was ready to quit and justify my purchase), so I can't claim great sophistication when 42LK520 comes to comparing modern, flat-panel TVs.

Having said that, I couldn't be happier with this LG. The image is crisp and true. The color saturation on the default setting is perhaps a touch brighter than life - which I'm sure can be manipulated easily, but I rather like seeing the world with bright green grass and impossibly blue sky, so I haven't bothered. The trumotion works well and so far I have seen no after-image or blur. The sound quality is good, but not great, but it matters little to me as I run it through my fairly old home theatre system which makes the whole experience quite wonderful. I even like the subtle light that glows on the lower right corner and turns from red to blue when you turn the tv on - totally unrelated to the tv's performance, but 42LK520 just cool and makes the tv look expensive. I am enjoying this TV tremendously, and sometimes will turn it on just to look at how nice the picture is.

For about $650 with free shipping, how could I not be happy? Shipping was impressively quick. Set up was relatively easy, though the installation manual is so simple as to be relatively useless. Incidentally, if you're hooking it up to your satellite receiver, you have to press "input" on your remote and then select "HDMI" - the instruction manual doesn't tell you this.

None of the minor weaknesses (like the sound - which isn't bad, it just didn't blow me away) are signficant enough to drop it out of five-star range. At this price point this TV provides incredible value. I really could not be happier with this purchase.


LG 42LK520 HDTVI've had this tv for a couple of weeks now. LG 42LK520 has a fantastic picture, comparable in my opinion to the LEDs and plasmas I've looked at, and for much less than an LED. I haven't watched any sports yet but fast action in movies has been smooth. LG 42LK520 hooks up to a computer via an HDMI cable very easily and produces a terrific picture with no overscan. The speakers are only acceptable but I hooked it up right away to my sound system via a optical digital cable so I really only use the tv speakers when watching the news or other programs where great sound isn't needed. The Tru Motion feature might work good for sports (I haven't tried it yet but I'll give it a try next hockey game I'm watching) but it is annoying for most other uses b/c of the weird effect it causes (I've read it described as soap opera effect) so I turned it off right away and the picture looks great now. Great HDTV for a great price!

LG 42LK520 LCD HDTV Reviews

LG 42LK520 LCD HDTV ReviewsI purchased this television from a local retail store that matched the Amazon price. I did a lot of research before purchasing an LCD HDTV, and I'm glad I went with the LK520.

I was looking for a quality 120Hz LCD HDTV in the 42" class with good display adjustments and without clunky "smart" features. That's exactly what I've found in the LG 42LK520, and I'm very pleased.

I'm a photographer and Photoshop enthusiast, and I've done quite a bit of color and contrast calibration. The picture from my LG 42LK520 is very good, and in addition to several preset modes, you can get very detailed in the fine tuning. In particular 42LK520's worth your time to adjust the Black Level setting.

I'm also very pleased with the different "aspect" modes, and the "Just Scan" feature. I purchased this HDTV in part because of its 120Hz display, but I'm also very pleased that 42LK520's easy to turn off.

I intentionally wanted to avoid the new generation of "smart" features. I've heard too many horror stories of HDTVs that take 15 minutes to boot, reboot themselves at random, or take 60 seconds to bring up a menu. I don't need a TV that streams its own content, there are 5 Netflix capable sources plugged in to my display already!

Great picture and fine tuning controls.
120Hz display, and "Just Scan" mode for gaming.
Outstanding 2.4ms response time.
Very intuitive and professional feeling menus / UI.
No stupid "smart" features.
Good price for its class.

I wish I'd bought the larger one.
Has fluorescent rather than newer LED backlight.
Slightly higher energy consumption
Slightly lower potential contrast ratio
No possibility for active dynamic contrast adjustment (Only the newest 3D HDTVs offer this anyway).

LG 42LK520 HDTV Reviews

LG 42LK520's just fancy enough and no fancier. Everything works as advertised and the picture is awesome. The picture adjustment wizard is brilliant. This is also the first 120Hz TV I've owned and I'll never go back. The base is not as solid as I would have expected but LG 42LK520's solid enough and the swivel feature is really nice, specially since LG 42LK520 in an enclosed cabinet it swivels just enough that I can get to the side inputs. The remote is also pretty well designed with buttons for everything I want to get to with one touch. The built-in speakers are not bad for being built-in and the voice amplification feature is a nice touch. I highly recommend.

LG 42LK520 Reviews

skip intro and specs because you guys can find those anywhere online

i read through all the reviews before i bought this TV and 42LK520 helped a lot. Hopefully this would help as well.

Some features are tested and here is the quick review:

-120HZ TruMotion works perfectly, way better than 60HZ and other 120HZ TVs, PS3 (black-ops and Top Spin 4) and 3 1080P videos (scene,sports and concert) tested.2.4ms response time makes everything so smooth.

-REALLY Stunning picture, color depth-good, brightness-good, high contrast 150,000:1 (12 HD pictures tested, each of them was at least 15 MB)

-SOUND quality is better than i thought. APE format music tested (classical, rock concert, heavy metal, R&B and Pop) I thought 42LK520 was gonna be the only weakness for this TV because 80% LCD TVs having bad sound quality. But it turned out that the Invisible Speakers worked pretty well, extra speakers are not needed for bedroom use unless you want to get extremely HD sound

-Easy to set up. UI friendly.

-HDMI works. PC-INPUT works. USB works. BTW, that USB UI is great!

-Price: $659 on amazon was even cheaper than $669+tax at WalMart. two days shipping as guaranteed as always.

GREAT deal over all. Couldnt be happier so far. Would recommend this product for friends. Will update if any problems pop up

this is my first product review..Thanks for reading.

42LK520 Reviews

While I didn't get this TV at Amazon, I still got LG 42LK520 for about the same price (give or take a hundred bucks).

I was looking for a new TV watching experience, coming from an old Sony Trinitron 34" CRT, I was very excited about going to a 55" LCD. I spent a good amount of time looking online for the best bargain and probably set my expectations quite high. I decided to go with a brand that I've always known and trusted. LG did not let me down.

The giant viewing area of the screen provides a beautiful, sharp picture. I notice no lag or ghosting at all watching through Verizon FIOS, a standard DVD player, or an XBox 360. I've yet to hook a blu-ray player up, but completely look forward to doing so. The sound quality is outstanding, I typically leave LG 42LK520 at about 20% of LG 42LK520 max, and LG 42LK520 plenty loud enough to hear across the room. Even cranked up, there's no hum or static from the speakers and the sound quality is good.

As for features, I decided on price over some of the cooler potential features. This TV is NOT 3D compatible. It doesn't have Netflix or any of that. Keeping that stuff off, however, keeps the price very reasonable. In addition, the USB port accepts a USB device and seems to play most movie formats, image formats, and music formats that I've been able to plug into it.

I would have no qualms recommending this product to a friend, and have no regrets for buying it. For what I was expecting, and for what I paid, I've been blown away.

42LK520 HDTV

After 24-hours, we're quite happy with this set.

A. Excellent picture quality. 42LK520 was good out of the box, and I just finished the Disney calibration, and 42LK520's even better, now. Lighting is even edge-to-edge and corner-to-corner, edges are sharp without jaggies.

B. Very good audio. We went with the CFL backlighting rather than the LED/LCD because CFL sets tend to have a little more room for internal speakers and therefore, directionally better sound. This set has good internal speakers and sounds great.

The whole plasma/LCD universe is short-term technology, and will be replaced by significantly better technology a long time before the parts in these TV's begin to wear out, so we set a realistic price point and got a much better set than we hoped.

It was slightly trickier to assemble the pedestal to the set than it needed to be, but it wasn't hard; just not obvious. The manual is for about 20 models, and the illustrations weren't all that easy to see. Still, it only took a couple of head-scratches to figure it out.

As much of a geek as I am, 42LK520 surprising that this is the first large-screen HDTV we own. The 30+ year old CRT's work perfectly well, but when the local channels went digital, they also went hi-definition. I got tired of seeing the center one-half of the shows and bit the bullet.

We're casual users, and I take one exception to the advice I received when shopping: don't go by the "How big a TV do you need" charts or advice. I went by "How tall is the CRT screen I'm replacing?" method and matched that dimension as close as possible. 42LK520 still bigger than we really need, but I'm not trading it in.

If, like me, you're just venturing into HDTV, you can't go wrong here. The next one I buy may be fancier, but this is a whole lot of TV for the dollar.

UPDATE (JULY 11, 2011):

The HDMI ports failed. I doubt this is the televison's fault or LG's fault. This sat in a dark brown truck for 12 hours on a 108-degree day, and was hot to the touch when we opened the box. It started-up fine and had the great image quality we all talk about, but yesterday, it started to pixellate, and today it won't recognize any device connected through HDMI.

It's sad, but like I said: I don't think this is a reflection of the TV's quality, and I will not lower my 5-star rating.

In fact, I wouldn't mention it except I just went through the Amazon.com return policy, and they'll take it back, but I had to pay for shipping, insurance and pick-up (it's too big to fit in the car): $70. Wow!

It wasn't sent by a specialy shipper - I see that there are special conditions for returning those items. Maybe it's because we're returning it and not asking for a replacement at this time. Why roast another one in the back of a truck? It made more sense to wait until it cools down in Arizona.

Whatever the reason, I was surprised and a little pissed.

Great TV, 'though; and I hate to see it go. Will replace it with the same model when the weather cools down in a few weeks.

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